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Never ever done a blog although I've kept a diary...just have to remember this isn't private!

Maybe this is another tool to either motivate or guilt trip me into doing something about my weight. I've lost 4lbs this week but it's week one, always loose weight in week one, it's week two that's the test. Been on holiday this week too so plenty of time to go to shops and prepare 'proper' food...working full time...feel one of my excuses coming on...no promises but maybe not this time, maybe this time I can try harder. Ever the optomist :)

So I'm only 5ft 2" and....15st 8lbs, there I've said (typed) it...anonymously, that wasn't too bad. To all those trying to loose weight...I'm impressed, I think you're amazing!

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Go for it. It is so good when you lose some, it motivates you to carry on. Just keep at it. Good luck


A reply! Thanks so much for your comment, taking time to reply :)


We are all in the same boat and are on your side 😗


Hi Jo1970-Now,

That's a great start, and good luck with the following weeks. Hope you have a really good weekend and that next week brings you more weight loss.

Great that you are ever the optimist, as that will hopefully help you to succeed.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Hello, welcome to this wonderful forum, you're right when you say this is a tool to help, encourage & motivate you but wrong when you suggest it may be a guilt trip, nobody here will attempt to make you feel guilty, we're all in the same boat and we'll celebrate your successes with you and help you through any rough patches. Hope you enjoy your new healthy eating regime.


Welcome to your life journey with food. Taking control of it is the first step to weight loss. I have been reading tips from the body builder community(they after all have been looking after their bodies for alot longer than I have). They prepare all their food 1 week in advance and store it. Im not sure I can do that but Im going to start planning my menus and making food when I have time, and then freeze in individual portions. There are different stages of food for when they build muscle, lose fat, or maintain. You can read more here



Summers here, let the fun begin!! I've been using HSK (Health Sidekick) and for the first time EVER, I feel comfortable in shorts and losing consistently:) Still have more work to do but feeling great along the journey! Have a great weekend!

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