Holiday pressure!

I'm on holiday for the week and have lost 2 stone over the last 6 months. My other half keeps pressuring me to let my hair down and eat what I want. I've been sticking to it as much as I can with lighter versions of food in restaurants and no fried breakfasts, but in getting worried that when I'm back on Monday I'm still going to have put on. Trying my hardest to not relapse and eat rubbish but he keeps buying sweets and ice cream etc! Really panicking!

Any suggestions?

Charlotte xx


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8 Replies

  • Don't panic! New weight put on usually comes off really quick so unless you have put on tons you'll probably get rid of it again in a week.

    Your other half shouldn't pressure you to spoil all your good work but it may not hurt to have the odd treat - that is for you and only you to decide!

  • Don't worry - if you put some on you'll soon loose it again :-)

  • What we eat should be what we want or we won't keep it up?

  • In the nicest possible way you need to tell your other half to bog off! Holidays isn't just about eating junk food. It's about doing things you want to do and having a relaxing time. But don't think about the scales so much!

  • Relax about it. I survived three weeks in the USA on holiday around Christmas last year and manage to lose a little weight. All the touristy walking around compensated for the food consumed :)

    And as others said, the little weight you might put on will come straight back down when you are back in your normal routine :)

  • Eat what you want within reason is my advice and lose it STRAIGHTAWAY on return. The steadier you go the less the challenge when you're home. See your partner as the devil . . . . .

  • Hit him!!!

  • I went on holiday and literally ate and drank exactly what I wanted. I was 20 pounds up when I got back. Most of it was water from the travel, but I put on a few pounds as well. I went back to controlling my food and it's almost gone now.

    There is no point beating yourself up about what you eat so long as you take responsibility for the consequences. You have to be prepared to lose the weight again and get back on track. When you are at target weight your weight will still go up and down and you will have to deal with this then, so start now.

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