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End of Week 4

Just 1lb weight loss this week but I haven't been that active so I'm not too worried. I am beginning to notice the difference though. I haven't bought jeans in months and resigned myself to the fact that if I can't fit into my old jeans then I'm not going to buy any new ones... I haven't really noticed my body changing but this morning when I saw my old jeans in the wardrobe I though I'd give it a try and.... they fit! This was a small personal victory for me but on arrival to work I got 'Ooo you look good, have you lost weight?' Which was great to hear.... I have slightly lost motivation with my slow weight loss but this has really boosted me to try hard this week. Challenges this week include a christening on Sunday and alot of New Product Development at work (I work in a bakery!) but I'm going to count every calorie that passes my lips and adjust my meals accordingly - trying to avoid carbohydrates where possible too. Wish me luck! ;)

Start Weight 13st 11lbs

End of Week 1 13st 10lbs

End of Week 2 13st 7.5lbs

End of Week 3 13st 6lbs

End of Week 4 13st 5lbs

6lbs Total weight loss

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You're doing just fine! Keep up the good work :D


Thank you!! :)


Well done thats great! Especially fitting into old clothes a real boost :-) keep up the good work and you will get to your goal


Thank you for the words of encouragement! :)


No problem im on week 34 so understand the joys of weight loss :-) lol


Well done and glad you got nice boost from someone noticing :)


Yeah it's lovely, and great motivation to try harder! :)


Oh good luck and well done for being so determined! Wish I could get into my old jeans!!


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