bit disheartened - glandular fever has struck

I've been feeling tired for the past 3 months or so and in the past fortnight I've been bed bound from how ill I've been.

I had to get my Mum to come pick me up from Uni early because I was so ill I couldn't look after myself. I'm still ill, able to get out of bed now, but still very poorly. It annoying me because I just want to get going on this 12 week plan, but I am struggling with eating anything never mind counting calories.

Looking on this forum though, I've been trying to think what productive measures I can take, even though I'm on rest for another week or two and I think I'm going to start reflecting on what got me to 19 stone, really be honest about why I've been over eating, what I indulge on and what patterns and habits can I change.

stay tuned for 20 years of trouble with being overweight.


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8 Replies

  • Hi, i, m sorry to hear that you are poorly but you are using this time to reflect. A really positive place to start. Write your thoughts down and refer to them when you need to. I found portion control and sweet stuff was my let down. And find ways to satisfy the sweet tooth while cutting down but not out. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, it does take a while but you are getting there.

  • Get well soon! Going to Uni was prob part of your problem! Notorious student diet!

  • Oh that really sucks! I had glandular fever as a teen and it was absolutely dreadful! If you are stuggling to eat I recommend some homemade soups if you're Mum or anyone else is up to making some for you, or porridge or soft fruits like bananas which wont be too harsh on your throat. First things first, concentrate on getting well, it can be a long road to recover from glandular fever (more than 6 months in my case) so you need to be careful to take care of yourself or you may end up prolonging your recovery. Try to keep your spirits up, I hope you start feeling better soon!

  • I'm thinking home-made soups are probably the best way to go! It's enough to eat, easy to make and still healthy :D thank you!

  • Hi, sorry to hear you are unwell - make sure you take the time to recover!

    If you are planning a bit of research whilst you lay up, might I suggest researching the calories in your usual meals. I did this early on and it was really interesting. I identified that one meal I ate about once a week was about 1800 calories! Others were much less. You can then try to reduce or eliminate those more calorific ones or maybe make a few simple changes like replacing meat for fish.

    Good luck and hope you are on the mend soon :)

  • Ah, try not to worry. At least you're using your recovery time to good effect. Glandular fever can take a while to recover from. Maybe your appetite, or loss of, will kick start some weight kiss anyway. Once you're feeling better, just try to stick to healthy, low calorie meals and you'll soon see a difference. Get well soon and good luck.

  • It sucks how long it'll take for me to get better :(

    But you're right - I've lost a stone already from just being physically unable to eat for the past week and a bit! Kick starting the weight loss already - but I'm sure as soon as I start eating it'll pile back on no matter what I eat.

    Definitely sticking with the healthy meals once I can eat though - meal plan in progress :) thank you for your support :D

  • sorry to hear your ill, whilst you have time on your hands reflecting is a great way to start, understanding your downfalls, and why you eat what you eat! and how you can change, i find this process easier in front on a mirror (strange i know) and also exercise in front of a mirror so changes are visible, great confidence booster Good Luck

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