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Sitting here thinking 😠

This is on my mind.......So

Why is food an issue with me ? I am happy, I have a good job, I am fit ( could be fitter) I have lovely friends....

Now this is honesty for you....

What is it about eating those crisps (2 packets) last night that gives me a buzz ?

Sometimes I get fed up of myself & need a break !!! My mind is constantly planning food and it's draining, my new idea is the 5.2 plan ( not saying diet) diets don't work....or maybe go back to weight watchers ( got to gold with them) 2 years ago I was 8 stone 13lbs...5.3 tall I looked in my 2013 diary ( WOW) same date I'm 9.stone 9lbs...and still 5ft 3 😋

Should count my lucky stars ✨✨✨ and remain strong.

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Million dollar question june!

Possibly the same reason that made me eat 2 shortbread fingers with a cup of tea at 10.30pm last night ? I had a sensible, satisfying dinner (vegetable chilli ) , strawberries and 1scoop of icecream....at 6.30 / 7 pm.

I too have a happy life, good relatinships, no health or money worries.

I wasn't "bored", watched a re run of the old series "House of Cards" 😊.

But something in my head , the child part, said "You need a treat" and Im afraid only shortbread would do!


Hello both,

A thoughtful, superb post and an excellent reply from elliebath. My apologies for this being a lengthy reply and a bit of a rant, but you have hit on something which has been excising me recently (and if I am honest, has in the past too).

I too have been doing a lot of thinking (must be the scientist in me). Like you, I've no problems, happy life, healthy (or else could do 10km bike rides), good relationships etc...

So, is the fact that we reach for the biscuit barrel or the crisp packet really a problem? Is it us creating the problem with this, or the so called 'experts' who are making us feel guilty about a 'treat' and forcing us into hiding as we scoff, and get pleasure from doing so?

I argue that 'normal' people have a cup of tea and eat a biscuit without thinking about it. After all, why on earth should they feel guilty, and why should we? Life is to be lived, not to be endured with a constant feeling of 'we should be ashamed for eating' guilt.

There's an excellent piece in this weeks Spectator magazine spectator.co.uk/features/95... which highlights how we may be being manipulated.

I personally am fed up with people telling me I need to lose weight and am fat. How dare they? Just because they have been fed the myth that we overweight people sit at home all day eating chocolate cake, what gives them the right to make comments about the shape of someones body. I wouldn't dream of commenting about the clothes they wear?

It's time that overweight (I HATE the word 'obese') said enough is enough. We are not a burden on the health service, we are not lazy individuals who do nothing but eat, we are worthy of living normal lives without guilt, and we deserve respect.

If I want to lose weight to improve the way I look, or improve MY fitness or health, then that is up to me, no one else.

Weight watchers and Slimming World et. al. survive of the myth that 'slim is good', 'fat is bad' regardless of what they try to tell you about your self esteem. Just think about group meetings for a moment. They are akin to Alcoholics Anonymous (not that I have ever been); sat around, in a room, confessing our sins to all other 'fatties'. Should you really be feeling guilty about going out for lunch, or eating that piece of cake and then confessing to all? NO!

Healthy eating is one thing, and that is where the NHS system is so good. We all know it's not good to survive on deep fried, sugary drinks and sweets, but how many of us really do this? Not many I'm sure, and most who I see eating such food tend to be young and slim! After all, when I consider eating fast food in public the first thought through my mind is, what will people think (probably 'look at fatty') and 'I'll probably put on a stone'.

Forced weight loss for those whose bodies will not allow it, and who will never be what science says is an 'ideal' weight is not good. It is a recipe for messing up the mind and creating a life-long guilt trip with food.

By the way, who says what 'ideal weight' is? How was that calculated and when?

Come on all those who are trying to lose weight. You are not a failure, you do not need to feel guilty about enjoying food, whatever that food is. Your weight is exactly that , YOUR weight. It's the place where YOU feel comfortable and happy. You are you, and if we were all made to be the same weight, then we would all have been made to be the same height too.

Sorry to go on, but I do feel better for getting this down in writing. Now, relax!


In response to @weightaminute....

I think your last point is the key, " the place where YOU feel comfortable '. But are there seriously many , very overweight people who "feel comfortable " with themselves??

I dont know your age, but it's not just about being comfortable with our mirror reflection or sticking two fingers up to slimming clubs. Older, overweight people are likely to be FAR from comfortable in their body. Eg can't play properly with the grandkids, or join in family activities, get breathless just going upstairs to bed, developing health issues, eg type 2 diabetes, heart, breathing, bowel, hip joints, knees etc etc.

Certainly from the people I know who are over 50 and overweight, practically all of us know that our excess size was AVOIDABLE and now wish we'd lived our lives in a healthier way. And the thing is, it's never too late to try ....and succeed.

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Well said weightaminute. I couldn't put it better myself.

I went to weightwatchers. Twice.

Then I realised its how I feel about myself that counts.

I made a conscious decision in April when my daughter announced her forthcoming marriage that, whilst I DONT plan to outshine the bride, I DO want to be slim like I was 16 yrs ago.

So I decided to look at this forum and the NHS diet.

It's changing my life slowly but surely.

A number of weeks on, today, I shared a pack of cheese quavers with a colleague. For the first time, I did not feel guilty. I don't know if I've lost weight this week, but if I haven't, I know my waist size is less. AND, I'm not going to be ashamed that I had a less healthy snack than my usual fruit.

Oh, and then I had 8pieces of a chocolate bar - the first since April.

Okay, so I've added that to my calorie count for today, but that's for MY OWN BENEFIT, and not to make me feel bad when I see younger, slimmer people than myself.

Good luck all weight lossers.

We're ALL doing a great job of trying to look after ourselves!😉


I think habit and unresolved issues have a lot to do with it, however happy we seem to others and ourselves. Oh, and laziness and self-gratification come into it too somewhere, I reckon ;) When the required attention to food intake in order to lose weight becomes obsession (which it often does) then it throws everything out of kilter. I wish I had all the answers. All I can say for myself is that things happen for a reason and we do something about it when we can. Some need more help than others. Anyways, you're a lightweight in comparison to us porkers that have let ourselves go big time! Well, that's my six-eggs, for what it's worth. All the best losing those measly 10lbs! :D


Hi All......

Great replies thank you and alteast I'm not going mad !!! Just need to deal with it I guess. 😀

Love this site...no holds bard and good interesting replies.

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Thought I would let you know that you do lose height as you get older. I have lost an inch and am your height now but I'm 10st 11lbs. 9st 9lbs is my ultimate goal. :)

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I'm never happy !!! Thanks for the reply 😘



Hang on a minute you started this post with I'm happy, I've got a good job .....

Isn't the point that we are all individuals and we all feel happy at different weights.


No !!! Not at all... I don't feel happy and don't know why ? 😜


You definitely do lose height. It's due to the spine compressing slightly. Phenomenal, if like me, you suffered any type of back injury (falling from a horse), you may find you're even shorter. I lost 1.5inches in total.

I feel pretty small at 5ft6inches when standing alongside my strapping 6ft5inch, 6ft1inch, and 6ft boys! Lol 😊


Height loss has been a major issue for me. When I was 18 I was 5'6" and weighed around 8 stone. Over the next few years I struggled with Crohn's Disease and had high doses of steroids over a long period of time. During this time I had severe back pain which proved to be as a result of bone loss caused by the steroids, amenorrhea and vitamin deficiency. The resulting height loss was almost 6 inches. This has left me with a disproportionate body as I have long legs and a very short torso - buying clothes is a nightmare! Most of my family are very tall; the men are all well over 6ft and my daughter is 5'10".

It's a worry as I get older!



Certain foods for certain people create a stronger response in the pleasure centres of the brain than crack cocaine. That's why :)

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Regarding height, it won't work for everyone, but I've always felt a bit shorter than my friends and found doing alexander technique really helped with my posture. I grew an inch in my twenties from 5'3" to 5'4", just by sorting out my posture. It also helps me feel more confident. Hoping to stay 5'4" as long as I can manage! Regarding eating foods we didn't mean too, I'm sure everyone will agree some foods require more self-discipline than others, and even some are downright addictive for some people as HanPan explained in another post. I don't keep crisps at home for this reason!


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