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Why Honesty

I wrote a post a couple of days ago that got a lot of positive reactions for being honest about how I feel about my eating habits, and I just wanted to share with you my reasons for frank and open ended honesty in my posts:

Honesty = Respect.

When I was a little girl, probably about 5 I opened a birthday present meant for someone else. My child minder made me go and tell the person who was giving the gift and the intended recipient what I'd done. That was the day I learned that admitting you've done something bad can hurt. A LOT.

I also learned that honesty gets you respect.

In exactly the same way, admitting what I've done to my body throughout my life is also excruitiating to fess up to. But if I ever expect to respect myself and my body, I have to be honest about the abuse I've put it through. I can't do this in my own head, it has to come out written down.

That doesn't mean sitting and dwelling on the past, it just means not sugar coating my experience of obesity and actually telling the truth about why I ate how I did for so long. Note the past tense.

These posts on this forum are serving almost as a diary of my experiences, in the hope that anyone else who feels the same way might find support here. I also want to look back at this when I'm my goal weight and remember why I tried so hard. Blogging about this stuff is probably the second most important part of my journey so far and I'm so thankful for the support I've found here. I promise to always be honest here and hopefully the little respect I have for myself will grow :)

Deep huh?


Much better.

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I'm loving this.

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Honesty is the best policy !!! 😐 good on ya


I also have a motto now, that total honesty is the only way to go. People have been asking me "what are you doing?" or "how are you doing it?" Honesty is the answer and they sort of look at you like you are made but it really is the key!! For the first time in 40 odd years I'm being totally 100% honest about what I eat!! The only way for me!


That's some food for thought! Pun intended. You may just have put me back on track.

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You're so right, I get really cross when some overweight people make excuses for why they've put on weight. Anything from its my big bones, it runs in the family or but I don't each much at all! Yes, there are some of us who have a problem with weight for medical reasons (although not many, I would say), but the majority of us are overweight because we eat too much and exercise too little.

My recent journey has been learning how to eat when I'm hungry (on a scale of 1-10 - eat at a 6) and have a glass of water first because 9 times out of 10 I'm just dehydrated. I eat slowly, chew food properly and stop eating when I am satisfied not when I'm bloated. I exercise daily (not at a gym - I do Body Blade and Leslie Sansone Walk in the Home) and I'm feeling better for it.

I am an admitted piglet! I love food of all kinds, I'm also basically lazy too so exercise has been hard to get my head round. But, I am now mindful of what I eat and what I do. I recommend Debbie Flint's book Till the Fat Lady Slims 2.0 The When Diet (available on Amazon) and its working for me.

Too many overweight people are in denial, we all need to become more mindful of what we are doing to our bodies and then we may all get somewhere.


Well said. Honesty is the only way -- facing up to who we are and where we are. Sounds like you've got it sussed.


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