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Help!!! I need adviceS!!

well I am 16 this year and I had started losing weight since I was 14. I am a boarding school student. I really need advice. I really had no problems losing weight when im in school and theres one time I had lose around 15 kg from 75 to 60 but what so strange about it my weight gains drastically at home. My life at boarding school is all about a healthy lifestyle but when i come home everything change even my eating habits and i dont excercise anymore. what is more strange that within 5 days i could gain like 3 kg. that is insane bcos that also means practically i had consume 21000 calories. i dont know that were those true or not. but i dont think so.

Strangely when my holidays were over my habits changes too its like ive been brainwashed or something. i started to excercise and diet again. and my weight will drop drastically when i am active like 2 kg in a week and within that week i only jog 1 km twice and stayed up for two or three nights to study. is that even possible? That also means that in a week i lost 14000 calories in a week.

I had never succceded in maintaining my weight. my weight just keep dropping and gaining drastically this past two years. Is something wrong with my body or is it my fault that these thing happens to me? When i am in school i hate foods and can consume less than a 1000 calorie per day and i felt nothing and i had never feel nausea or faint or any type of sickness bcos of dieting i am doing just fine like nothing really happen to me but at home i am craving for foods. 1000 calorie perday is impossible for me. i dont know whats wrong? i need both advice and help. and pls somebody pls tell me what is going on with my body!!!

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thanks for the tip. i will keep it noted. :)

really helps...


It seems to me that you already know what the issue is. I think that when you are at home there are probably foods readily available that are not so easily accessible at school, plus at school you are surrounded by your friends and have lots of things to occupy you. I have found that I often turn to food when I am bored- if it's there I will eat it! My suggestion is make sure you have plenty to occupy yourself when you are at home, get a time consuming hobby, plan things with your local friends and your family.if you feel like snacking do something else, go for a walk or take a bath or my particular favourite paint your nails. You will need support from your family, because I expect that they have control of the household shop.

Please be careful about eating too little when you are at school, you are a young woman your body is still developing and it needs a good range of nutrition.

I wish you well.


thx.. :)



I too was a boarding school student. I'm wondering if you have a school tutor to talk to so that you can learn about why you crave sugary food at home, then you don't really want to eat at school.

Is there someone you can trust at school. A teacher who you can talk to? A friend? This is so important and it's great you shared.

Please look after yourself.


do you think that i have a type of sickness or hormonal problems that effected my calories intake??

thx for advice anyway ... :)


Hello PinkMe, I'm not qualified to say that. Nor is anyone without having a good chat with you. I'm not suggesting that you're unwell but it is important that you talk to someone about your eating habits and your concerns. Is there a teacher at school who you trust?


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