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Holiday advice

Hi everyone

Am down to my last four pounds to come off and am finding it very difficult!

Have really got into the exercise which I hope will help when I am trying to maintain.

But I am off on holiday to France on Saturday. We are going self catering which is a relief but I am used to cooking with all my health options like Frylight, low fat dairy products, sweetener instead of sugar etc. I'm pretty sure a lot of these won't be available in France!

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to manage this and what to eat when eating out in restaurants? I don't eat meat but fish and seafood I can manage.

I know I am going to have to avoid croissants and bread :(

Thanks all!

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Hi. Talking from personal experience I wouldn't avoid bread and croissants completely. Perhaps save them for one day each at the end of your holiday? 4 Pounds to go is a fantastic achievement, very well done. Have a lovely holiday. :)

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Is there no room for you to take some sweetener or daylight with you? I think ghastly are obviously experienced at following a weight loss plan, so I would suggest that when faced with options you will be able to recognise the healthier option, but so what if you lapse on one day,it won't be the end of the world. Don't spoil your holiday by fretting too much.

Personally I'd go for things like grilled fish and seafood (yum,yum), avoid the creamy sauces and the patisseries, make the most of the lovely fresh vegetables.

Maybe some changes to your diet will wake up your body and help you shift those last few pounds.

Have a lovely holiday.

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I hadn't thought of taking things with me. Thank you I will definitely pack some fry light and sweetner


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