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Starting to lose weight

Hello everyone, I have just the 12 week weight loss plan and am on day 6. It has been a mixed week, some days have gone really well and others not so much. I wonder if anyone has any advice about problem areas? For instance I work nights from 10:30pm to 7:30am twice a week and because of this my sleeping pattern and eating pattern tends to be all over the place. At work I have trouble sticking to my diet as I am hungry and tired, active all the time and have a limited selection of ready meals, chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks to choose from whilst there! I suppose the best solution is to bring my own food with me, but because of the hours I find it hard to motivate myself to prepare something to take, I'm always so tired when I get up! Another problem I have is living in a house with lots of people, there is always plenty of junk food around, but I have mostly managed to ignore this! People are always suggesting take aways and naughty snacks, and also we do communal meals. with so many of us (8 or 9) in the house its not possible to each have separate food in the fridge and cook our own meals, but because of this dinner is a tricky meal to keep my calories under control! Has anyone encountered similar problems or have any advice for how to tackle this? Thanks in advance! I am really looking forward to getting my health back on track and this community looks like a great tool for keeping motivated and finding support!

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Hi timetochange18,

I am still living at home with my family so I have to deal with the same kind of problems. In the past I have tried many diets, some I told my family about and some I didn't. I found it most successful when I let everyone know so they did not encourage me to eat unhealthy snacks or meals. When they are having unhealthy meals such as pizza I cook my own food and although it is hard to watch when they are eating this really delicious food I can stop myself from eating it because I know at the end of the day (or at the end of the week) I will be losing weight. I know that it may be hard to find the motivation to cook because you are so tired but I would cook pasta (10-12 minutes) or something that is quick and easy in big portions then separate into different containers and freeze them (if you have access to a freezer).

Cutback xxx


Thanks for your reply, I like the idea about freezing meals, I will give that a go and let you know how I get on!

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Always tricky when you have to fit changes to your lifestyle into other people's lives. Who chooses the ready meals that you eat when you are at work, could they get some that would suit you better, if not and you don't feel like preparing your own food to take you could always take your own healthier ready meal. I think that you really need to share your weight loss plan with your housemates, then they can help to keep you on the straight and narrow. If you cut back on the junk food you will find that you have a lot more calories to play around with for your main meals.

Good luck.


Hi, thank you for your reply, we don't have much choice over ready meals, because I work the nightshift we generally just get to choose from whatever the dayshift didn't take! The main benefit of buying the food in the dining room is thats is heavily discounted and convenient, but I think I will try and cook big batches and freeze stuff like cutback suggested. I have let everyone know about starting the 12 week plan and they are supportive, although I can hardly expect them all to cook super healthy meals just for me! But I think you're right by by cutting out all the junk it's not too much of a worry, and I've found that by putting loads of veg on my plate there is less room for the higher calorie stuff haha! Thank you for your advice!


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