Week 2 Slow Down


Jumped on the scales this morning and found to my surprise that I've lost 6lbs.

Endulged a teeny Weenie bit over the weekend ( no beer) as we had a party I made a Baileys Cheesecake and had 1 or 2 slices and didn't exercise because of my knee was a bit tender from the previous football training session. Even budding Gazza's get injured.

23st 6lbs Is now logged. I walked from Kings Cross to Baker St Stations this morning and clocked up a few 1000 steps! I will do it again this afternoon and probably get 7000 steps in today.

Onwards and downwards to my fellow dieters and good luck!


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  • You are doing an amazing job 6 lbs down this week is really good going well done!

  • Cheers!

  • Go for it ! Slow and steady still gets it done.

    Have a good week.


  • Cheers!

  • Good going! :D

  • Many thanks!

  • Wow you are doing brilliantly - keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks,

    Much appreciated.

    I got to comfortable on the Baileys Cheesecake! The Spirit was willing but the flesh was week!

    Back in track tonight with football training.

    How goes you?😀

  • I only managed 1.5lb last week only 0.5lb less than average but I put it down to less walking. I managed to walk 10km on Saturday so hoping for good things this week although I have a cold so no walk for me tonight :(

  • Well done with the 10km. Hope the cold gets better soon!

  • Hey, 6lbs is 6lbs! Well done 😊

    Good luck for the next seven days. 😊

  • Ta! Just finished my footie training and with today's walking did 12.2km. Approx15500 step!

    Good luck with yours!

  • Wowza! Well done.... however now all you've made me do, is really want Bailey's cheesecake! mmmm (impressive you stopped at two slices!)

  • Sorry about that!