Need to make this time count... 376days

Hi guys, i'm new to this and thought it would be a great way to stay motivated, im 20years old in 11days, and really need to get my weight problem under-control, i know i can lose weight, then the problem is putting it all back on and more which is what i tend to do, currently im dieting now "slow and steady" so i don't give up have lost around 15-17lbs but need to keep going, early this year i noticed my weight reaching 19st 12lbs which i was completely shocked by "my biggest weight yet" so i knew i had to change i'm now around the 18st 10lbs mark "not weighed my self in few days" my first goal is to get down too 200lbs (14st 2lbs) then my other goals are continue to lose a stone after stone till i 'm happy.. ideal time my 21st bday


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  • Good luck, have only been on here myself a couple of days but it says the same as Weught Watchers without the cost. The forums are friendly and supportive.

    The emails come through promptly so I plan on checking in any time I feel tempted- kept me from having a glass of wine last night 😄

    Well done for your weight loss so far and whatever you are doing it is working x

  • Thank you for you lovely response, and also welcome to the group, yes i also plan on checking regular to hopefully keep myself and others motivated x

  • Hi and welcome :-) You have made a really good start in losing your first stone+ so you know that what you are doing is making a difference. Hopefully this group will help to motivate and support you; there are lots of experienced, informed and really friendly people on here who can answer q's, share tips and cheer you on!

    I am on week 11 of the 12 week plan and have lost 32 lbs by cutting out junk, avoiding snacking unless really hungry (and I haven't often been hungry between meals since I started this), dropping my carb intake (only carbs now are porridge and veg/ fruit), drinking a lot more water and not eating after dinner. I also started doing the 5:2 diet about week 6 and that seems to be helping the weight-loss too. I am also feeling happier, healthier and fitter than I have in a while :-)

    So, go for it and good luck in your weight-loss journey :-)

  • Hi and thank you for your response, yes i'm hoping to keep motivated by checking group posts, well done you on your weight loss what you seem to be doing is working well done, and thanks i hope to continue in my weight loss and come out the other side happier and healthier

  • Positive thinking and self belief will take you a long way so you are already on the right track. You have a good attitude and have set yourself a good time frame to achieve this goal. Go for it and good luck

  • Thank you for your kind words, i once did lose 3stone then piled it back on plus and 1stone 7lbs, i've had time to reflect on this i know where i have gone wrong, so this time i hope to stay on the right track and complete my journey...

  • Like you ,I have done dieting lots of time,this is my first week and I lost 1.5kg,I am going to do this way now and am on the 12 week but intend to stay with this site as its so helpful and helps me each time I log on,especially if I feel tempted to eat the things I know that are not good for me,mainly crisps ,cakes and biscuits,keep up the good work

  • Yes i'm on here for support! i'm currently just dieting slowing eating well and exercising, not rushing, my temptations are normally takeouts , thanks for kind words

  • This site is so supportive ,it a great motivator,week 2 going well for me,weigh in Monday,Looks like you are doing the right things,I forgot takeaways are also a bad one for me as I like the extra breads ,rice etc and a little of everyone else to taste, no go for me at present

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