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Week 4 run 1

I completed wk4 run1 yesterday and it was ok! Better than I thought. I ran with a friend and that definitely helps. I am really enjoying the running and do feel proud of myself! I have been doing slimming world for the last 8 weeks and have lost 61/2lb. The weight loss is so slow for me. I went to SW because I couldn't manage the healthy eating programme on my own, although sometimes I feel like I am setting myself up to fail (I never quite get to the land marks..... While others get their 1/2 stone award in the second week!) I have to believe that slow and steady is the best way but have just realised that my weight loss problem is that I don't believe I can do it. I can't visualise a new healthy, fitter, slimmer me even though that is what I want. I really do need to think positively and stop my self sabotage. I love reading the posts here and find them so helpful.

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If you are making such good progress with running you must be toning up really well and that will be making a difference to your body shape. Slow and steady is Ok, dieting is tough, we reward ourselves so much with food that trying to change anything leaves a big empty hollow inside sometimes! It sounds as though you are doing really well, keep up the good work and give yourself a hug sometimes!


Well done on the Weight loss and running Bonjour! I'm a runner too - and although I'm battling weight loss at the moment I know running does keep you toned and fit! I'm currently 12 stone /5ft 6in but don't think I look that heavy. Possibly swimsuit on the beach might be different though!

What actually happens at a slimming world session? Have considered going but hate the idea of just sitting around and talking about food for an hour! Is it like that?


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