Disabled & Desperate!

After successfully getting down to a good weight 7 years ago, I have become more and more disabled and spent a lot of time in hospital, now being a good 2 stone overweight. I have managed to lose 9lb using NHS choices to count my calories but can't do the exercise side. I'm now fitter than i was but short walks are all I can do. Any ideas please?


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7 Replies

  • Have you tried swimming?

  • The hospital recommended it but as I still need a carer to help me get dressed it isn't practical quite yet. Hopefully soon


  • Good luck with your exercise xx

  • You sound like you are doing really well. 9lbs off so far is good! I should just carry on doing whatever you are doing and slowly and surely you will lose the excess weight. If you are managing some walking at least that is something and you say you already feel a bit fitter. it may take longer for you to lose the weight but hopefully it will stay off if you carry on being careful.

  • Thanks for your encouragement

  • 9 lb is a great loss. Please don't feel down you are doing really well and as others have said you do not need to exercise to lose weight.

    I am not sure whether you are able to build on your walking but if you can that may help you improve your fitness. I am very overweight and it was affecting my mobility. I started out in the middle of January barely able to walk 1km and I needed a rest halfway! I also suffer from chronic back pain which did make those first few weeks pretty hard. However, on Saturday just gone I walked 10km and tonight I walked 3km at my fastest pace. Obviously my mobility problems were all weight related but if you are able to increase your walking the results do come.

    Good luck :)

  • Well done you & thanks for the encouragement. I'm trying to build up my walking so you never know....

    Good luck to you too

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