Mini Milk - only 30 cals

Just had a mini milk and was surprised it was only 30 cals - good times.

Now the weather is warming up I thought I'd check out the calories in a few other ice creams and below are the ones I found listed below 100 cals. Enjoy :)






ZOOM 1 LOLLY/58g 54kcal


TWISTER, WALL’S 1 LOLLY/80g 76kcal


FAB, NESTLE 1 LOLLY/57g 82kcal

FUNNY FOOT, WALL’S 1 LOLLY/81ml 83kcal



AND before the food police get on at me (yes I know they have already) I am not saying these are healthy snacks but if you feel the need for an indulgence and you are counting calories they may help. I hope that does offend anyone.


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22 Replies

  • I've hit the ice follies too! I was thrilled to discover that Ocado's fruit spirals are only 59 calories of yumminess. I was pleased to see how low cal refresher lollies are, they aremy faves .

  • Problem with Mini Milks is... one is never enough! ;)

  • I only had one - honest :)

  • Our bodies need fat, protein and carbohydrate. They also need water soluble and fat soluble vitamins. They need minerals, fibre and water. If we focus on calories we miss the bigger picture, and if you think it's okay to have a 'treat', how can it be a treat if it causes so much anguish?

    Fructose down-regulates the pleasure centres of the brain as other addictive substances do, and too much insulin causes growth of the endothelial linings of arteries.

    We were warned not to eat fat because of its high-calorie content, and when people keep getting chronically ill, we are told they are genetically susceptible.

  • I ate one, and I am pretty sure I am not addicted. Sometimes people need a little indulgence and far better a 30 calorie one that a 300 calorie one.

  • I completely agree. I think that some people need to lighten up a little bit.

  • Phew! Sometimes people can make you feel so bad for not eating a stick of carrot.

  • Everything's okay in moderation! :)

  • I totally agree - we need some light relief from the kale and quinoa ;)

  • Thank you Sueper, I find your list interesting and useful. I declined a lolly on a hot weekend a couple of weeks ago because I had no idea how high the calories would be, and so my husband felt obliged to do without as well because he's too nice to sit and eat it in front of me! If I'd known I could've fitted one of these into my calorie allowance as a small treat, I would happily have done so. Nobody's suggesting that it's a healthy food, but as an occasional treat within an otherwise balanced and thoughtful diet it's not going to do anybody any harm. The reason the NHS plan is so effective is precisely because it avoids banning anything. Feeling negative and guilty about food is counterproductive and is the reason so many diets fail. We're not talking about binging on a boxful ... a 30 calorie pleasure when you're eating healthy and sensible food the rest of the time is not something anyone should feel bad about.

  • Thanks PeaQueen, those couple of posts made me feel really bad. As you say feeling negative and guilty about food is counterproductive.

    If we were all perfect we wouldn't be on this forum seeking support whilst we lose weight. It is unfortunate that a couple of members sit in the wings waiting to pounce if you suggest anything that isn't nutritionally sound.

  • Yes I thought the posts were insensitive as well as missing the point. I think one or two people here are not actually trying to lose weight but just come here to promote their personal views. It's insensitive because many of those who use this site have had a long and difficult path just to get here, let alone to get through a weight loss journey. Being overweight involves a lot of physical and emotional issues all tangled together. We come on here for a bit of kindness and support, and the last thing any of us needs is to be lectured about how we're doing it wrong.

    Anyone who feels that it's wrong to eat an ice lolly should perhaps try standing with a protest placard in front of an ice-cream van. Educate all those craven Mini Milk junkies about the error of their ways.

    It's not you who has a problem, Sueper. I hope it won't put you off making similar posts in future.

  • Yep and I see one more post promoting LCHF/diet doctor blah blah!!! Get your own forum and leave this one alone

  • How thoughtful of you. Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh for a perfect life where we only eat what is nutritious and what our bodies need... We were given complex brains and can experience pleasure, make informed adult choices and weigh up pro's and con's ( as well as portions and calories).

    If I ever get to the point I deny myself a 30 calorie ice lolly I'll just resort to those packs and pills they give to astronauts I think!

    Thanks for the info Seuper very useful I'll feel happier that the kids aren't over-indulging too

  • Thanks deekay64. I feel the same as you about he evils of a 30 calorie lolly :)

    It is amazing how bad people can make you feel for just trying to share a tip for the odd indulgence - well I have learned my lesson!

  • When they have it so 'sussed' you'd wonder why they need a weight loss forum hmmmm. Perhaps they're job here is to educate us 30 calorie piggies with no will power :-)

  • I missed this thread yesterday but it seems that things escalated.... I don't think that anyone was trying to make people feel guilty about the food they're eating and they were not making personal attacks - although some later posts did so.

    Having been on here for over 2 months, I realise that people are on this site with a range of both goals and methods of achieving those goals; for some people the aim is optimal healthy eating and, according to all current research, this does mean no sugar, low carbs etc and for some others the aim is weight loss and the long-term maintenance of a more "normal", varied and not necessarily absolutely healthy way of eating. Both of these are valid aims and both are better than over-eating or making no changes. We can surely all live together on the site without there being such animosity.

    Personally I have found posts from Concerned and bigleg really informative and educational. I have changed my way of eating, not just because certain foods are calorific but because they are damaging. I have started to rethink "treats" because of this and it has been hugely helpful to me.

    I see no harm in the "lollies" post (and it did make me smile cos some of those names took me back to my childhood) and I can see that it would help some people to make choices which are less calorific and therefore help them to lose weight. I can also see Concerned and bigleg's point that there is no goodness in these foods so if you seriously want to maximise healthy eating then these are best avoided.

    They also raise a really interesting point about calories only being part of the picture; this is an interesting point and could actually be the basis for a more constructive discussion on this site..... i.e. 1200 cals of chocolate wouldn't be healthy even if it is within your cal limits - and please dont flame me, I know that you all know not to eat your whole cal allowance in chocolate! :-)

    It seems to me the simplest path is to ignore the advice if it doesn't suit your personal goal and take it on board if it does but let's keep this a safe place where we can all share our different ideas.


  • My first thought on this thread was great! I had a magnum yesterday! I need to find out the calorie count on ice creams. That way if I succum to this I will go for the lower calories. At the swimming pool today a lady said she was going to weight watchers. It's not for me but when I asked if she managed without chocolate she said she buys Wiggles or Freddo. Now my down fall is a Boost bar so I went away happy thinking I must check those out!! Haha!

    Earlier in the week I encountered a post , most of which I didn't understand informing me of the dangers of eating foods such as the above Freddo garbage. It stopped me in my tracks. Do I need to know all this. I know I am fat but I am still alive!

    However perhaps we should be grateful that some folks are really clued in to the contents of some of the crap we do eat. I keep seeing , sugar is a killer. My hubby drinks lots of cups of tea, with two sugars and he's not dead yet. But I have to say it does concern me and its no good telling him. Secretly when I make it, I make him do with one sugar! Don't tell him!

    We didn't come here to attend a lecture on food technology, we need help and encouragement to make healthier choices that we can live with. Experts can maybe help if we are asking how certain foods can do us physical harm to particular body parts or provide us with answers to ailments which are stopping us from functioning healthily. Each to their own ideas I guess. No one should be upset! So let's get to it!


  • I will take that on-board Popgoes.

  • Hi

    You are one of those who are well informed and have amazing knowledge. It's true that we could well use some of it, and by your very title you are really interested in imparting this information to the greater good of us all . And if folks enquire about it then please don't stop, it's very likely that you can help people . The slimming world needs you. It needs to be highlighted and and particularly to those advertising industries that are selling us all the crap, some only interested in making money by making us think their schemes and their junk is good for those who are trying to eat more healthily.

    Thanks Concerned

  • Good height of summer suggestion there. Thank you!

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