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Chocolate addict!:(

So I have just finished off a block of Lindt chocolate and 6 rocky road pieces:( Just could not stop at 1 piece...

Probably does not help that its that time of the month...bloody hormones!

Tomorrow I will have to do better...

One good thing from today is that we took the kids for a 6km bush walk which was enjoyed by all. Burnt a few calories so that's good.:)

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Hello Erna

Well done on the walk! Sounds fun. What animals did you see?

Empathy on the chocolate/will power tension. I've had trouble with the chocolate this week too!

I've found that keeping low GI, especially earlier in the day keeps my cravings at bay most of the time. So I don't eat bread or pasta and have brown rice rather than white. I eat a reasonable amount of protein at every meal, including a bit of red meat and plenty of fish.

The time I succumb is when I've missed sleep or like you, the hormonal thing. I try to buy things in small portions, even though it's more expensive. That means that a loss of control can only get so far. Sometimes you even have to put things in the bin (and then put something really yucky on top of them so that you can't retrieve them!!!) But that may not help if the stuff needs to be in the house for the rest of the family. Can you ask the kids not to eat it in front of you? Depends how old they are I guess.

I'm sure you can do it. It just takes time. The longer you go without sugar and chocolate, the easier it gets.

Best of luck



Thanks. Will give it a try.


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