Week 22

Hi everyone, so this week I have lost 1 lb. It's always good to see the scale going down in the right direction. I do feel that my body is changing in many ways as I can see and feel these changes. Now at 52 lbs lost :-) I am becoming stronger, more determined and remain focused on what I want to achieve. This week I have been out riding the bike mostly and running around so have been very active. This coming week it is back to the gym to focus on strength and cardio which I have missed lol.

I believe in me :-)

I want change!

Life is for living :-) and ..

anything is possible :-)

Go for it and have a great week

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14 Replies

  • What a lovely positive post for a sunny Saturday! Thank you Trafford 1!! Have a great week yourself!

  • Thank you judywood. It is a lovely day let's enjoy it :-)

  • Good post. Well done on the weight loss!

  • Thank you so much and hope you have a great week :-)

  • Hi Trafford1, great to hear it all continues to go well, admire the bike ride I've never been on a broke for years. Have been thinking of start couch to 5 k still at circuit class and walk loads.

    I was recently told nothing is impossible and was told to think of impossible as I'm possible ! Well it working for me 😇

    Have a great week 😇😇

  • Hi flossie, thank you. I hadn't rode for over 20 years so it was all new to me too but I have been venturing out on it, done loads of miles on it and it feels great and is a great alternative to driving the car. You should think about it maybe get one yourself. You should give the couch to 5 k ago it is so invigorating I myself have done about 10, 5 k runs and I love it each time. I hope you have a great week ahead flossie :-)

  • Hi Trafford1,

    Congratulations on losing 1 pound this week, that's really great. Also, great to hear you've been so active - with all that cycling and running around.

    Hope you enjoy the gym sessions this week, and those cardio and strength exercises - they should be really good!

    Wishing you another great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal, always nice to hear from you hun :-) I am loving the new bike and my OH decided he wanted one too so went out and bought one so we will be cycling together now which will be great.

    Hope you have another great week ahead and thank you for your continued support.

  • Well done. 52lb in total is fantastic, bet you can't believe how far you're come.

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi sueper and thank you. It's been such a good journey for me and I am used to all the changes now and they are all part of my everyday life now and are all very welcomed. I have been blessed so far and plan on continuing this journey for the rest of my life. Hope you have a great week ahead sueper x many thanks

  • Well done Trafford 1. Your persistence and long term vision are really inspiring. 52 pounds is very impressive. I'm glad you are enjoying it.

  • Hi trimtapir, thank you for your lovely comments. I find that this also motivates me on my journey so thank you for that :-)

  • Well done Trafford on another lb off and also for your so-o-o positive attitude :-) You have done/ are doing so well - it's inspiring

    But please people, stop saying what a lovely day it is - we've been having torrential, horizontal rain and gale force winds in Scotland!! My planned day's walking on the hills has not happened :-( Oh well, tomorrow is another day and the rain may at least be vertical tomorrow :-)

  • aww thank you MagsMM and thank you for your lovely comments x

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