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Hi everyone, My name is Karen and really struggling to lose weight. I weigh nearly 18st and it's not good enough, just can't stop eating all the wrong things. Bread, Mayo, chocolate. I know I need to lose it and I am not happy with the way I look but how do I stop. I've got a treadmill and can't motivate myself to get on it. Slimming world helped be before and I went down to under 15st. I'm so annoyed with myself for putting it back on again and more. Need all the support I can get folks and I think if we all pull together then maybe we can do it.

Look forward to hearing from you all. xx

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Hi Kazwa & welcome. You should find lots of inspiration, support and advice here.

So many here have lost and then piled more back on. I, like others am trying to make changes for life. Small ones at first that you can maintain for life. It does take time to adjust so be patient it does start to click into place eventually.

Good luck :)


Hi and welcome. Take a look at the NHS 12 week plan it has really helped me to re-educate myself and develop a much healthier attitude towards food. I know it involves calorie counting but that is quite easy nowadays and you soon get to know the values of some foods you eat regularly. Plus it allows you to plan in some treats.The folks on this website are very supportive and encouraging. I read the posts and respond to a few when I feel like snacking.


You're in the right place for positivity, insight and understanding. On the same trail as you! :D

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