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I have just joined this forum and have been eating sensibly for 3 weeks. I have lost 5 lbs.... not a massive amount but, already my blood pressure has dropped to 122/70 from 144/85 and my blood sugar levels have dropped so much the dr has stopped one of my tablets. all from eating fruit veg protein a few carbs and no processed rubbish.

Anyone else with t2 had a similar story?

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It just shows what sensible eating can do doesn't it? Since I've begun the 12 week plan I've needed less insulin (not surprisingly)to control my t1, which is a big bonus.i lost a lot of weight when I first developed diabetes, but over the last 20 years I've put it all back on plus more! I've tried all sorts of diets but never as successfully as the 12 week plan and I feel good!


Well done - clearly you are making all the right choices. A nice sensible loss and a great improvement to your health :)


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