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Start my weekend of nightshifts at 9.30pm tonight, appx 42 hours between then and 10.30am Monday. This is going to test me enormously. I take a small pot of mixed nuts into work, so the work part is fine. Get home around 11am and starving but exhausted, usually hit the tea and toast before bed for a few hours. Decided to scamble some eggs and have with a bit of griddled asparagus in parma ham. Hoping I don't wake up with a growling tum as I tend to graze if this happens. Hey ho, onwards and upwards ( or downwards in the case of losing weight I hope, lol)

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Perhaps have something waiting for you when you wake up? I'm not sure what you would feel like but some veg and hummus or a boiled egg or some fruit?

Good luck!


I have a pan of homemade Broccoli and asparagus soup bubbling away on the stove as I type, lol. Really trying to get myself prepped ahead. Making a pasta bake for dinner tonight, so going to double up the amount I make and portion out into individual pots too. 😊

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You sound very prepared. I am sure you will manage really well. Good luck and let us know how you get on.


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