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Newbie here

hi..im lily, Im new here from Malaysia. Have some helath issue mostly related to my weight..in other word im obessed. Not having many friend and dont have best friend. I dont know how to change my life sytle..people dont like me because of my appearent ..so sad. I like to have some friend here..friend who dont judge me if i make mistakes ..friend who help me be better person ..healthier. Any one?

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Welcome to the group this is such a great place to have found and full of supportive people so I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope the nhs 12 plan helps to kick start your journey to health and happiness. Good luck on your journey

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Can you tell me how you start and to keep in track?


Healthy eating and an exercise plan in place will help you achieve your goal. Set meal times are also useful and planning everyday in advance such as what to eat and when to exercise will become part of your everyday routine if you stick to it. The key to this is sticking to it and self belief if you believe you can do then it will carry you to health and happiness. This is what I have found works. Good luck


Being here is the start of accepting what you need to do! Changing your lifestyle is the first step.

Evaluate what causes you to obsess and then say to yourself I don't need to do this anymore.

Next you start a gradual loss programme and cut out what you know causes weight gain on the food side of your life. Slowly eliminate them if you struggle.

Then work out an exercise regime.. Walking were ever possible, swimming or what your favourite sport was!

Slowly but surely you will see the new you appear and I suspect you won't be obsessive again.

Good luck, support on here is brilliant and feel free to ask for support anytime!

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Thank you :)


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