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End of week 3

Only 1.5lbs lost this week, I ran the bristol 10k on sunday but I find often the weeks I have a lot of exercise I don't usually loose that much weight!.. Strange... I'ts a bit annoying when other people I know are telling me of their 4lb weight loss each week! Never mind, I'm going to keep at it, 5 weeks till holiday and I would love to have a significant weight loss by then! Any tips of tricks to speed up my weight loss?

Start Weight 13st 11lbs

End of Week 1 13st 10lbs

End of Week 2 13st 7.5lbs

End of Week 3 13st 6lbs

5lbs Total weight loss

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I thinks slow but steady is the best option as it's more sustainable. Maybe those losing more have more to lose which makes it easier.

It's difficult to advise on what you could change without knowing what you are doing. I would always say cut down on sugar and spend your calories on protein and healthy fats but you may already be doing that!

Good luck, you should be proud of your efforts to date.

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Thank you! Yes it's difficult to know what to change. I don't have any high sugar foods really, just fish and vegetables... I might try taking pasta, potato and bread out of my diet temporarily to see it it speeds up! :)


Or you could swap to wholemeal pasta and bread and sweet potatoes?


1.5lbs/week is great! Soon you'll look back and see how far you have come :D


Thak you! I look forward to those days! :)


Are you consuming more calories in the weeks you exercise a lot? Also are you drinking enough water?


I try to make sure I don't go over 1300 calories even on days I exercise, to be honest I don't really notice how much water I'm drinking so I'll try and make an effort to drink more this week!


I have been told that the muscles hold onto water while they are healing/recovering. If you have done a long run - particularly a race - I am sure the adrenaline will have made you push yourself even more. hang in there! I seem to plateau every yow weeks then have a bigger loss for two weeks- we are all different but stick at it .


Perhaps that's it, sometimes its a bit disheartening when you really work hard and expect to loose more, I'm not giving up this time though :) Thanks for the encouragement!


I think your body is converting fat to muscle when you are more active. Muscle weighs heavier than fat so a big drop won't be seen at the scales. However it is all positive so keep on doing what your doing and good luck.


Thank you, maybe that's it - I can still see a lot of fat that needs converting though so I'll keep going! :)


Same here but you will be nice and toned at the end x


Hi there sd33, you've noticed that you can't count on exercise to lose weight; it's good for your health but you need to reduce your calorie intake to drop the pounds.

Try to get as much food as you can for your calories: don't eat carbohydrates: they are loaded, so if you've got to to eat some have it at breakfast (one slice of toast - dry- with two microwaved scrambled eggs- no butter. Yumm!)

I'm enjoying Ryvita crackers at 19 calories each, and my favourite lunchtime meal is 3 crackers, topped with low cal cottage cheese and a bowl of chopped fresh tomatoes, black olives (from a jar) and capers. Delicious, and about 200 calories.

Try to think of simple meals: tuna salad; roast without the potatoes; chicken omelette, etc.. Eat fresh fruit with low fat Greek yoghurt. A banana for an instant meal if you're out and about. Have as much fish as you want, as long as its plain, poached and not covered in sauce. I love broccoli and can eat half a plateful, with some low fat protein; not many calories in that.

If you're drinking a lot make sure you cut down on the milk intake, try green tea; Earl Grey; black coffee; low calorie fizzy, if you must. With 5 weeks to go before your holiday you could lose 10 - 15 lb, without starving yourself. Good luck!


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