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First day

hi, I'm starting on the NHS 12 week plan today :) I have a lot to lose but trying to take it a little at a time. My issue with 2 young children and I run my own business from home (cake making and decorating of all things!!!) I find I have very little time to prep or cook apart from weekends. Does anyone have any quick meal ideas? And does anyone batch cook and freeze? If so what kinds of things? Thanks in advance :)

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Stir frys are really good quick and easy meals.


Hi I have stopped batch cooking and plan every meal in advance so I know exactly what I am going to eat I even begin prep in the morning and sometimes even cook it before I go to work so it there ready for when I return home. Like today I made a spag bol this morning did all the prep cooked it for 20 mins and then it was ready to re heat when I rtn'ed home. If I am having chicken I season these the night before or in the morning and all that is needed is to put it in the oven cover and bake. Whilst that is on I will chop veg and cook the rice. Fish can be seasoned in the morning placed in the fridge and baked later as well. I don't find much time after work because I do like to work out at the gym or just have a rest so when all the prep is done in advance then I find it easier. Hope you get sorted I can be difficult to find that balance, best of luck


I work full time so by the time I come home I'm on my last legs and don't want to spend hours cooking, however I do like cooking and so at the weekend I try to cook some dishes for the week which I freeze. I find it easier to stick to healthy eating if I've planned my weeks menus, and it helps me avoid food wastage, which is one of my pet hates. I will make something like a shepherd's pie, or put a casserole in the slow cooker; slow cookers are brilliant. On the days that I don't have a dish from the freezer I will have something simple like a grilled tuna steak, or a stir fry or a Spanish omelette, remember nothing is forbidden just keep a check on the calories and think about whether you can replace an ingredient with a high caloric value with a lower calorie alternative, and think about portion size, I always used to make myself a 3 egg Spanish omelette but when I thought about it I realised hat using only 2 eggs still made a very satisfying meal.

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Thank you for your replies. Quick grilling and stir frys seem to be the way forward with a little batch cooking on a Sunday. :) x


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