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My start

So was weighed today, it's the same as when I went on my boyfriends scale 2 weeks ago. 17st 9lbs. I told the nurse as she asked me if I knew what I was. She couldn't believe it she said. It's a starting point. Now my weight loss is being recorded lol.

Going to try my first week without any chocolate, shock my body as it was. But If I don't want it to be something I crave as I'm not allowed it. Mind is a powerful weapon. Hot coco on standby.

I walked home from doctors, it wasn't far about mile, mile and an half. I felt really tired, unsure if it's the lack of sleep, the sun, the wind. Or simple maybe the extra 1 half stone that made this walk feel really difficult, oh u also had shopping bags lol

My weight-loss journey begins!


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Good luck. It is sensible to try to weigh on the same scales at the same time of each week, then you can truly measure your progress.


With you on this one, K. It's a long road with a few potholes but a great finish line :D


Brilliant news, you sound really positive today, keep up the good work Kahlan.


Just take small achievable steps. Aim for 17st 7lbs (which psychologically is half a stone less that 18). Then aim for 17, then 16st 9lbs etc. Small goals when you reach them will make you feel so good once you have achieved them. Plan yourself a small non edible treat after losing your first stone such as make up a new top etc. I won't let myself think of a goal weight or how much I want to lose, but I am heading towards having lost 5 stone. I think that if you really want it then it's worth working for! Good luck.........you really can do it. X

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I gave up chocolate for a month and found that the longer I gave it up for the less I wanted it so hang in there it will get easier. I think knowing that at the end of the month I would be able to eat it helped and once I got to the end of the month I wasn't really that fussed. Try and give up refined sugar altogether as this is what drives the cravings.

Good luck


One small step at a time, but you've taken a good step. Am with you on the chocolate. Keep positive your on the right track. Good luck x


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