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lost motivation

I was dieting since last march, and in a year time I lost 20 kilos. It was a very long journey, but succesfull. Now I'm really struggling to keep my weight, I put back probably around 5kilos, so I decided to go back on diet. I find it very hard, I lost motivation somehow, and I have no willpower. I'm doing calorie counting, but I was checking also 16/8 diet. Any suggestions? Did it happen with someone before? Feeling a bit depressed...

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Hey i think we all lose focus a bit when weve been doing it for a while, its hard to keep up the dedication especially when life and temptations get in the way sometimes. Try to remind yourself of your original goals and maybe set some new ones? I find looking at my before photos help, as i never want to get that big again. Stay strong we all go through slumps you can overcome this


Don't lose heart, keep going. It is do easy to become demotivated but try to be positive. You have done if before so you can do it. If you have a bad day start from the next try big to let it affect your overall goal. Wishing you lots if luck xx


Stick with !! You did so well to lose that weight!

I reached my goal six weeks ago, Id lost 30lbs , and am now trying to maintain as well. They say maitenance is harder. I am still logging every day and slowly increasing my daily amount . At the moment I am keeping to an AVERAGE 1600cals a day ( some days over 2000 if we go out or have friends to stay ) but real life is about balance. By all means try a couple of Fasting days , as long as you average the right amount. Good luck, lets see how we both get on.


I will try this definitely, but now for a little while I'm sticking to my diet, to loose back thoose ugly 5 kilos...


Its ok to slide a little but now you realised its not what you want to do. You have worked hard to get your weight down. Instead of wallowing that you are a failure, turn it around, you are still 15kilos fitter. Now that you have gained 5kilos, its back to the hard work to make sure you go no further down the unhealthy route. You have done it once, you have less to lose. You can do it. What you need to do is realize why you over eat, recognise it will happen, and try to find a way to curb those cravings.

Good luck everyone has those days otherwise we wouldnt struggle with our weight. We can break the cycles.


thank you very much for the replyes :) It looks like I'm getting back my motivation :) Started diet today, and when I reached my weight what I want I'm turning to healthy eating, and not overeating


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