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Bump in the road

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I was on here... My first post was on the 1st April and I was in a very unhappy place with my weight. I was so inspired by this community and the lovely people and one month later I weighed one stone less!!! I went from 15 stone to 14 and was so pleased. My clothes fit better and I feel great. Since the beginning of May though when I hit the one stone mark I have just eaten what I want and lost the drive I initially had. I have gained 3lb and though I am disappointed I know it is not a huge amount to lose again. I want to get down to 12.5 stone eventually and I know the road is long and bumpy... Has anyone else had a similar experience to this? How have you found your motivation again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :-)

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This site helps. It really does. Sometime when you feel you want to eat and snack, log on here for a few minutes instead. It helps to refocus. Also, just remember to be true to yourself about all the calorie counting.

We all get times where we eat slightly more, just keep it to occasional treats and I bet you'll be fine.

Good luck x


Thanks poppytepat, yeah I did record my daily intake but then just got lazy with it the last couple of weeks. Started again yesterday. Thanks for the advice, will jump on here before eating snacks and improve my mindset again. Thanks x


Do you have a peice of clothing that you love that's a bit snug? Or if not buy one 😀 regular weighing in join us on the Monday Club if you like - I have been there for 2 years reached goal around sept 13 and it has kept me in check ever since - goodluck! When is the wedding?

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Hi Prin, wow congratulations to you getting to your goal and stating there. That's very inspiring!!! I do have a lovely dress that didn't fit at all when I was 15 stone, at 14 it zips up but still too snug to wear so yes I will focus on getting into that as I will be over the moon when I can wear that again. Our wedding was going to be this September abroad but we postponed it until next September due to some family issues... I think that might have contributed to my lack of focus on what I was eating during May. However we are still going abroad and so I will keep that in mind. Thanks for your reply and great to hear that you have done this and sustained it! Well done, I will definitely look at joining the Monday weigh in. X


You are going to need a smaller wedding outfit by sept. Congrats.


The changes you make are for the rest of your life and the longer you stick with it the changes will become routine, part of everyday life and you will see the weight come off week after week. Continue with the exercise and as your energy levels increase this will motivate you to try new things and push yourself beyond what you even thought you could do. You will reach you goal of 12.5 stone eventually. Always remember to believe in yourself and what you want to achieve and it will become a reality for you.

Best of luck and hope you have a great week x


Those gremlins have a habit of sabotaging us ~ don't let them beat you! You can do it :D


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