Flat white or dark chocolate?

One way to stop myself craving chocolate at work is to drink a flat white. Obviously flat white has quite a few calories. Also, coffee is not ideal for someone with rubbish blood sugar regulation like me. If I'm going to snap, which is better: 2/3 of a divine chocolate bar or the flat white? They are similar in calories. (I have geographical and coeliac restrictions which limit the alternatives open to me at work on campus. And sometimes the only way I can keep going to meet a work deadline is to snap and have a treat.)

I know a skinny latte is fewer calories but I know from experience that it doesn't remove the craving, perhaps precisely because it is skinny.


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7 Replies

  • What is a flat white? Is it a milky drink? That wd be quite good for you...

  • It is like a whole milk latte in ingredients. But they do something different to the milk when they put the steam into it. I don't know how they do it but it tastes smoother, thicker. It's a smaller volume than a latte too. And I think they make the coffee part differently too.

  • Neither is really a good solution. Im not sure how coeliac plays into your diet but can you try nuts or fruit, I said nuts because of the protien, it helps with the cravings and of course are high in fibre. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dry roast your own in a dry frying pan with your favourite spices. They are small enough to make and keep in a small container for those days you crave.

  • Thanks for this!

  • Personally I drink coffee with a splash of Double Cream, I find a really don't need much, probably less than a tablespoon.

    Milk is insulinogenic, it's effect really depends on the individual but either way skimmed milk is more insulinogenic than full fat. Dark Chocolate is good alternative in moderation as long as it has a high Cocoa Content 85% or higher is best, as mentioned you could also try a few nuts to see if that help. Talking of Cocoa, it's also makes a great alternative to coffee if you can drink and enjoy it without sweetening it.

  • Thanks.

  • You could make yourself a little fruit and nut pot with broken up bits of dark chocolate, and carry it with you during the day - would that work? I find having the little bits of bitter chocolate with sweet raisins, and slow release protein of some cashews, really help with cravings. I'm also having problems with long days where the gap between lunch and dinner is too long. Have you thought of just having a light dinner to keep you going, then a top up light snack when you get home later? I'm thinking taking a packed dinner is maybe the answer...

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