Week 2 of the 12 week NHS plan

I already posted on Lowcal's thread, but I thought it would be good to write honestly how I feel my first week went. Firstly, I'm very pleased to have lost 3lb in my first week, although I'm aware that at the beginning of a low calorie diet, it may be easier to lose a few pounds, and that I have to keep my self-discipline strong to see further weight loss. So, regarding self-discipline, I did, if I'm honest, let myself down a little last week. I only did 2 runs when I meant to do 3. I also had a few glasses of wine when I was in Sheffield Wed-Thurs, even though I had good intentions to avoid having too much wine by having spritzers instead. Over the whole week I stuck to my 1400 cals per day except for Thursday and Sunday where I was closer to 2000. I want to still aim for good self-discipline with exercising 3x per week and not overindulging when I'm out and about. So this week I'm aiming to do three runs and not have more than 1 glass of wine when I'm out. I need more strategies for this. This Thursday I'm meeting a friend who's down in London for a couple of days, meaning there will definitely be wine involved. My bf has a gig at the weekend too. If I go along there will be drink involved there too, as it's in a pub and I would be in the audience for 2.5 hours watching. I think for both I might start the evening with water and save my 1 glass of wine for later in the eve. As once you've had 1 it's often easy to say yes to another... I think it needs a mixture of self-discipline and having strategies for a sort of social pressure, especially considering I don't want to openly say to people 'I'm on a diet'. How is everyone else managing this?


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  • What size glass of wine? I would rather go for two small (125ml) glasses than one large (250ml) ones. It's the same volume and calories (although probably more expensive) but psychologically feels so much better!

    I'd normally start with a soft drink then a wine then another soft drink then another wine and then soft drinks after. Sometimes if I start with a lime and soda all I want to drink after that is water anyway.

    Don't have snacks as these are normally salty and encourage you to drink more.

    I might also go for the drink only one drink on the Thursday night knowing you are going to allow yourself two on the Saturday night.

    Good luck!

  • I do normally go for small glasses, as I know what I'm like, a large glass will go as quickly as a small one. But a lot of the time I'm at events where the wine is in plastic cups and it's hard to judge the size. I've also tried alternating water then wine then water but it's not so easy when everyone's used to me usually just going for the wine, and now I'm not! Maybe I should ease the rule for Saturday and have two, as you say, but making sure they're small and alternated with water.

  • It is really hard! I found it impossible to lose weight when I was living in London. I think having one on Thursday and two on Saturday might be a good plan; sounds like it might be more achievable and then you wont beat yourself up if you had more than one drink. Perhaps do a run that's a bit longer than you otherwise would have done over the weekend to make up for it?

  • Well, as it happens on Saturday I'll be out of London in Hertfordshire, but being based in a pub anywhere from 8pm until midnight definitely poses some challenges! I'm all for setting achievable goals. I'll think about doing a longer run, but I'm not incredibly confident with my running yet (despite having completed c25k!) I'm thinking of re-starting some circuit training exercises that I used to do about a year ago, so maybe Saturday would be a good day to do that.

  • Do you do parkruns? They can really help with running confidence.

  • I keep meaning to do one. I overstretched to 5k when I originally completed c25k, going from 4km in 30 mins to 5k in 40mins in just a few days, and then ended up finding I was too exhausted every time I went running. So I'm currently working back up from 3.5k. So I think 5k might be a bit of a leap just yet. I know I could do a parkrun and just walk some of it, but I really want to do it when I'm ready to run all the way round. But maybe I should set a date...

  • Just go slowly and make sure you are always running at a pace you can talk at. Set the date for the end of June, I'm sure that will give you loads and loads of time.

  • hi there Ruth

    re the no drinking/drinking.

    decide to drink

    or give up completely !

    harsh I know ! and whatever u decide ask ur friends to help you. why can't you say ur not drinking? once the words r out & the funny looks have been exchanged,stick w ur decision,& if they're ur friends they shld support u, tease you, yes! make u designated driver, probably! but decide. if you're finding it hard, it is. you may think u don't have aproblem, the fact that ur asking for help is the first step. go girl, u CAN DO IT

  • Good call - and I am considering giving up completely, but not taking the leap just yet. I was actually so appalled with my lack of self-control in Sheffield that I haven't had a drink since last Thursday. Although read lack of control as having 3 glasses of wine, not a full-on bender! I did give up alcohol for a year once for health reasons, but I ended up with a lot of fillings and a lecture from the dentist from drinking all the high-sugar alternatives. But over the weekend I had a great virgin mary, which I know is definitely a low sugar option. Also low-cal tonic with a slice of lime and alcohol-free beers are my other go-to low sugar alternatives. So maybe you're right, maybe I need to just take the leap. I will definitely consider it if I can't manage through self-control alone...

    Have you given up drinking alcohol then? If so, what tips would you have for alternative drinks?

  • yup & I had NO self control, but a long awaited op was looming & I smoked, so I had to stop & for me a ciggies & a drink went together. the only option was cold turkey! I faltered a few times but kept imagining me dying on the operating table over something I COULD control,not like some terminal illness you can't control! I know I sound dramatic, but that "light bulb" moment worked for me.

    pl take things easy & think it thru & do NOT beat yourself up over a few lapses. learn something frm them, they're your mistakes no one else's & how you tackle this will b unique to you w a dash(sorry!) of everyone else! Good Luck


    I did go for the low cal beer but thought them all disgusting, buy a half of what u like & a half of mineral water,you'll have a pint that will last forever (cos ur not used to the taste),fill u up. & send u to the loo a few times,which will take ur mind off snacking!!!

  • I'm assuming the op has been and gone? If so, I'm so glad you're still with us! That's such a harsh picture, hope you weren't a bundle of nerves by the time it happened, and hope you are fully recovered now. I have given up smoking in the past too, but I was 20, and at the time smoking went with coffee not alcohol. I gave up alcohol for a year too recently, as I said, as a result of harsh advice from a doctor (who showed me awful photographs of the inside of my stomach!) I'm just so glad now to be recovered and able to drink again, but I know moderation is something I need a lot of self-discipline to manage. I am considering cutting alcohol out, perhaps as a sort of 'detox' while I do the 12 week NHS plan, but I want to keep trying to exercise the self-control muscle too. You're right about that alcohol free beer, it always tasted a bit soapy to me. I think spritzers and shandies may be the way forward, not to mention a big pint of water which I keep nearer to my hand to sip from for most of the evening. Thanks for all your suggestions, and good luck :)

  • no prob

    sorry if I sounded scary

    was v sporty when young(long jump/hurdles/highjump) needed total hip replacement & put weight on since then. thanks for tlkng.am off to have a snack. will keep u in mind;-)

  • No worries! I have sent you snack suggestions on your thread on your profile. Lots of luck :)

  • Hi Ruth,

    I noticed what you said about the plastic cups - maybe get one of those plastic cups and measure out how much liquid they take at home, so that you can know for certain how much is in it when it's full of wine.

    Maybe try an alcohol free month, and then decide if you want to abstain in the future or not? I've not really drunk much alcohol generally, but I used to share a bottle or wine at a meal previously, (i.e. having half a bottle to myself) whereas now I order 1 small glass of wine with a restaurant meal. I only allow myself wine one evening per week mid-week and on the weekends I'll have either a small bottle of red wine or a small bottle of cider with a meal, and that's it.

    Whatever you decide to do, good luck, and let us know how you're getting on.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    I don't know where you get all your common sense from! Of course I do have some plastic cups at home, and yes what an excellent idea to pour some water in to different levels according to 125ml, 175ml and 250ml, so I know what they all look like. I will totally do that. Thanks :)

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