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After battling through most of May without losing anything really just going up and down and up and down again, I have now had three days in a row where I have weighed less than 62kg. Scales at 61.7kg this morning; very happy. This means that I have now lost 6.5kg; or just over a stone.

I'm sure I could have got there more quickly but am hoping this slow pace will make it more sustainable and that I've been able to introduce changes for life.

Was really pleased to put on jumper yesterday which I have been avoiding wearing as it was too tight to find that it was quite baggy and is now a new favourite.

Have really got the exercise bug which I hope will help me maintain once I have lost just a couple more kilos. I went for a 15 mile bike ride on Saturday and loved it and have joined the gym at my work; first session following my initial induction is tonight. Hope I can remember what I am meant to be doing.

Have a good week everyone.

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Hi Alex7ra,

Wow, that's fantastic, well done for losing just over a stone - really great! Sounds like you're getting close to overall target weight, as you mention just wanting to lose a couple more kilos. Good luck, and enjoy having that exercise bug. Great that you enjoyed the 15 mile bike ride on the weekend, sounds really good.

Good luck with your gym induction session tonight. Hope you enjoy that too.

Lowcal :-)


Hi Alex7ra

That's so encouraging to see you've nearly got to your goal, and finding ways to make it sustainable in the long term. I also like doing bike rides, and have enjoyed doing the couch to 5k scheme, but I've never got on in the gym. Do you take your own music, and how do you fit it in to your life? If you forget stuff, maybe it will be a good excuse to break the unspoken rule of no one speaking to each other, and asking someone else how to use a machine or what warm down exercises to do... Good luck!


Hi Ruth

The gym is in the same building as me so it's easy just to pop downstairs. I have an exercise bike at home which I try to use most mornings so will just be using the gym for strength exercises.

In my induction they did me two separate programmes so am aiming to go twice a week. I hope that will be achievable. I could even fit it into a lunch time if I needed to.

So my exercise routine will hopefully be 4 days on the exercise bike, 1-2 pilates classes, 2 gym sessions and 1 longer weekend session probably cross country cycling or we are hoping to get some kayaks so maybe that.

Since I moved out of London my commute is only half an hour instead of an hour and my hours are much more reasonable so I have lots more time in my day. Hope to be in the gym and working hard by 545pm for 45 minutes so home by 7pm.

I don't think I will take music, I will probably be concentrating on counting and how to use everything so I don't think I will need it.


That sounds so impressive - I hope you do achieve it all! I just found that the gym near me played really distracting music and was full of those gormless TV screens with subtitles, and that I was distratced from actually paying attention to and enjoying my exercise. But I guess every gym is different, hopefully yours is friendly and helpful :)


I think my work gym isn't the most wonderful place in the world but the machines are high spec and the people who work there seem to be very friendly and will do you a personal training session whenever you want. It's only £21 per month plus there's no commitment so I can cancel at any time. I'm not sure I'll do it for long but I like to vary my exercise routine as I get easily bored.

I'm not going to beat myself up if I can't do everything but have been slowly building up so am already achieving everything but the gym sessions at the moment.


I love that baggy clothes feeling which losing weight brings. Especially if it means you can fit into something you haven't been able to for a long time. Well done on the weight loss.


Hi, well done. I have been having a few difficult weeks like you, but finally seem to be making headway. Its a great feeling to be making progress isn't it?

good luck for this week :)


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