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End of Week 1 Weigh in


I did my first weigh in this morning and found I'd actually lost 8lbs! I realise this isn't typical and think it would mainly be due to fluid loss and also the fact that the hospital put me on some new medication which caused diarrhea for two days but whatever the reasons I'm delighted with my good start. I had 61lbs to lose and set my first mini-target at 10lbs so I'm nearly there already. I will be happy to lose just a pound next week, or even to maintain, and the more I lose the more active I can be although I did a lot more walking in week 1 than I usually do. I don't know if I will achieve 150 minutes of exercise, I'm still recovering from chemo, but I will up it from last week and do what I can. I have only been counting calories roughly. I've mainly been eating more healthily like more fruit and veg and I've been eating less too but haven't been hungry. I'm now looking forward to week two's weigh in and if I lose another pound I'll be well happy since every little helps!

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Thank you.

Well done. The stomach upset obviously played a part, but you've also altered your lifestyle and to do that whilst undergoing chemo is a magnificent thing.

Good luck

Thank you. I'm not undergoing chemo now I finished a couple of weeks ago so I'm recovering now.

I have heard of other people losing that sort of amount in the first week, as much as 7lb, so it's maybe not as unusual as you think. But maybe in your case it was partly fluids. My friend had a lot of fluid retention after her chemo. Perhaps this diet kick start (not to mention the 2 days diarrhea!) is helping you finally get rid of it.

I just lost 3lb in my 1st week, which I also feel is quite a lot. Like you, I'm thinking that realistically I may not lose more next week, as I've started with such a good loss. So I hope to maintain or lose 1lb. More than that would be excellent of course too!

Keep us posted how the next week goes and good luck :)

Thanks for your reply and well done on your weight loss. You're right 3lb is a good start and 1lb or even a maintain next week will be good since you're going in the right direction. I knew I was carrying lots of fluid but didn't realise it could be caused by the chemo. I'll post next weeks result I think it makes you more determined if you know others are going to see how you've done. Make sure you post up how you've done too and good luck.

I think everyone's different, but the theory is if you're pumping poisons into your body (which is what chemo is) then your body retains water to counter it. But your doctor could probably help you out a bit more with the facts for your case. I think also generally people do lose water weight first when they start a diet, which may account for a lot of my 3lb. I will definitely post next week, as well as joining Lowcal's Monday weigh-in thread, which is really good too. Everyone on here has different experiences to share, and we're all supportive whether you're posting a loss or a gain, as we all have the whole picture in mind too. Good luck keeping that determination :)

Thank you.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Weasley1910,

Congratulations on your 8 pounds weight loss in your first week - that's really great. Like Ruth said, people do sometimes lose quite a bit in their first week.

Great to hear you enjoyed some walking in your first week too - I love walking, it's such great exercise.

Hopefully you are over that period of diarrhoea now - not a very nice side-effect, but hopefully you're feeling better now.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Thank you. I'm sort of fine now but haven't got enough strength back yet to do much more than walking but I enjoy it too. I've also still got a PICC line (a catheter) in my arm but that comes out in 3 weeks and I'll be able to do some swimming too. Everyone seems so supportive on this forum I'm so glad I found it and joined.

Good luck with your next weigh in.

Wow 8 lbs very well done and recovering from chemo. You really have done an amazing job. Keep up all the good work x Best of luck for next weigh in x

Thanks very much.

Make sure you are really concentrating on healthy eating, rather than 'dieting', as your body needs nutrient dense foods to help with recovery, foods like salmon and liver, for example, or kale if you are vegetarian. Try to avoid processed rubbish and too much sugar.

Good luck Weasley.

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Thanks for your advice Penel. It's easy for me to avoid sugar because I'm diabetic but You are correct in what you say and eating healthier now will be better for the future too.

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