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No will power

Hi every one am new to this site so bear with me. Am ayoung women with 6 kids i really need to lose some weight becouse of health and physical problems, but my problem is i dont seem to have the will power or the energy to do that am always tired and i really would love to look and fell good inside and out cos this summer am going to see my big brother that i didnt see for 15 years and i dont want him to see me like this so please anybody who can help me i would really apreciate it thank you and God bless you all. Xx

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Hi Ammana!

Congratulations on making a start! Acknowledging the problem is a massive step, I found.

6 kids has got to be tiring but hopefully they can help motivate you! Is there exercise you can do together? (e.g. playing football in the park, dancing around in the house together, going on a walk together, going together to a family sport club - like the no strings badminton sessions that run across the country?) The good thing about some of these is that you can do them together even if you all have different physical abilities. I find that exercise is a much more fun part of losing weight so needs less willpower. But exercising also tends to make me want to eat more healthily too.

Can you get the children involved in helping you eat more healthily ? You could get the little ones to count how many fruit and veg you eat and the older ones to help you do research online to find healthier food options. I bet they will be excited about helping their Mum to be healthier. Younger kids love to feel they are making a contribution. I loved doing this when my Mum was dieting when I was a child.

Looking forward to hearing how it goes!




Thank u gail never thought of that have to try and will let you know how it goes thank u very much for your help really apreciate it.


Well I'm not surprised you're tired and lack energy, looking after 6 children is no mean feat, I had just 3 of my grandchildren with me last week during half term and they kept me on my toes! I think you may find the NHS Choices website helpful and the 12 week plan, logging onto this forum will also give you inspiration. Good luck and I hope you manage to organise yourself so you achieve your aim.


I agree that the NhS 12 week plan is great. You will get lots of support from the people on this site. I'm an early years teacher so I know exhausting young children can be and up until a few weeks ago.I used to say that I was too tired by the end of the day to do any extra exercise. But then I started the 12 week plan, joined this site and began the NHS couch to 5k programme, and believe it or not it has actually given me more energy - plus i feel really smug when I've completed a session! Starting to lose weight has also meant I'm not so tired. If you think.about it , being overweight is like you are constantly carrying around several bags of heavy shopping!

Plan some nice healthy meals for yourself, have some snacks such as frozen grapes, sugar free jellies around for when your children tuck into crisps and biscuits. I love sugar free ice pops for when in desperate for a snack.

My advice is to set yourself small achievable goals, then you won't be discouraged. Good luck.


Hi ammana and thanks for your post. I've been looking at will power too and am just about to write a short article about it. I struggle with emotional eating--especially when I'm t ired. So I set up a group just for this last week!


Feel free to join


Thank u dollyfrog just send a requist on fb.


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