Week 15 & a total of 30 lb lost

So I managed another 2lb loss this week. I am now 8lb from my 2nd major target which is 20% of what I need to lose (38lb) and just over 5lb until I see a new lower stone on those scales.

It felt like I wasn't going to make much progress this week as I'd overindulged a bit at the weekend even though I did walk over 14 km. How you can put on 2lb eating 2 pieces of cake and an Indian takeaway is beyond me!

My knee was shouting at me a bit this week after the 7 km walk on Dartmoor on Monday which was extremely hilly so I have had 3 days off to rest a bit (I managed a short walk on Tuesday). I am putting my poor knees through their paces, there is a lot of me to carry around!

It was amazing how tired I felt yesterday and I am sure it was down to the lack of exercise during the week, as I had pretty much stuck to the usual food wise.

Hope everyone is continuing to make steady progress.


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19 Replies

  • Congratulations on your steady progress.

    What incremental changes have you made to compensate for your changing body composition?

  • At present I am concentrating on portion control, I try to make small changes every so often:)

  • You have done so well. Congratulations. I envy you your walk on Dartmoor, it's one of my most favourite places.

  • Thanks. Dartmoor is only about a 15 minute drive:)

  • Hello again sueper and may I say well done on your 2 lb loss this week 30 lbs in just 15 weeks is absolutely fabulous x

  • Thanks Trafford, we both deserve a pat on the back:)

  • Well done on the 2lb loss. What a nice place to go walking.

  • Thanks, it certainly is. Shame I have left it so long, but better late than never:)

  • Hey well done on another loss. You've done so well. Keep up the good work and you will reach your goals. Hope your knee is feeling better, its horrid when our bodies cant keep up with our minds. But we will get there. Hope you have another great week

  • Thanks. My hubby has hurt his leg too. We've done a small amount today and hopefully a bit more tomorrow if he is up to it!

  • Congratulations! Especially on getting back to healthy habits after a small overindulgence. I think that's the key to maintaining weightloss long term - being able to get back quickly from the inevitable slips from the wagon.

  • Why not try swimming or cycling to give your knees a bit of a rest?

  • Thanks. As you say it is about sustaining a new lifestyle and that has to include the odd indulgence.

    Hopefully the worst with my knee is over but I do love a swim so may have to get back into it soon.

  • Well done on your weight loss and increased exercise. Over 2 stone loss in less than 4 months is pretty good going. You should feel really pleased with yourself. It must be lovely being so near Dartmoor. I live quite near the Peak district and really enjoy going out for walks there and always feel as if I've achieved something even if its a short 3 mile walk. Its also incredibly good for mental well being. Have you been losing 2lb every week of the 15 weeks or has it been variable?

    I also have problems with my knees and its usually worse going down hill, not so bad going up hills.

  • Thanks. The problem with going up hill that you have to come back down and I think that too is where my knees have suffered.

    I generally seem to lose about 2lb a week, had the odd blip but then seem to lose a little more the week after.

    Isn't it wonderful having such lovely places nearby, who need the gym?!

  • Brilliant achievement Sueper, a good steady weight loss. I think it's great how some of us now talk about walking 7km or 3 or 4 miles and just feel these are shortish walks, when only a few months ago we may have taken no exercise at all.

  • Thanks Ros - but 7km is still a long walk for me:). I am aiming for about 5 miles or 8km. I am trying to take in some challenging hills too to get up my heart rate. The only thing is that hills build up calf muscles and mine are already massive!

    You are right though, to go from practically conking out walking 1km to walking 7km with relative ease is astounding! I am glad you feeling the benefits too - see it isn't impossible after all:)

  • Great progress - I'm impressed!

  • Thanks:)

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