Funny Week 7

So last weekend I got crazy and ate almost 3000kcal pringles over 3days and of course I added weight. I added about 3kg but thankfully, have had a really good week, no exercises because frankly I never have the will for it plus it was quite a busy week for me. The good thing was did not go over 1000kcal a day for each day of this week, most of the days were way under and so by this morning, I have lost the 3kg I added plus another 500grams. I feel so proud of me and most of my jackets are starting to hang on my body. Cant wait till my I can fit in size 12 .I started at 85kg, now I am at 75.5kg. Got atleast another 15kg to go but I finally know that I can loose that weight and look the way I want to. The best part of the weight loss for me is the confidence that comes with it and positive vibes. Hope everyone had a great week. We can all do it.


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  • Pringles are terrible for promoting binge eating, which will cause chronic ill-health. Ordinary crisps are better for giving sustained energy, although natural foods such as sweet potato are even better, providing you with essential nutrients.

  • I quite like sweet potatoes maybe next time i crave pringles I must try them instead.

  • Could you explain further why Pringles differ from potato crisps in terms of impact or effect? Thanks.

  • Crisps are my tricky food too!.Once I start i find it difficult to stop. I can no longer buy multipacks. Despite them being much cheaper than buying individually. I wish there was a way you could freeze them and only take a few out at a time!

  • I know right. That was what got me in trouble, the bigger can was cheaper than buying the small one then I realised the multi buy was even cheaper. I am never buy more than a small can and that should be at least after 3months.

  • You can make crisps in the microwave. By the time you have sliced one potato thinly and then microwaved the slices you are so wiped out with the fiddly process that you won't be bothered to do more than one at a sitting.

  • That's fantastic Sylvie, you were lucky to get away with the Pringles though! They are so moreish I don't dare even have one...! Good luck with your next weigh in. I am sure you will continue well as you have come so far!

  • Thank you so much. I hope I will. And godlike with yours too!

  • At least you know to avoid Pringles at all costs now! Well done for not giving up and good luck with the weight loss

  • Thank you so much. And all the best with yours too!

  • It's so difficult isn't it, sometimes the more you try not to eat something the more you crave it. I'm not really a crisps fan but have you tried Quavers instead? Much lower fat and calories.

  • I will check that out the next time I start craving. Many thanks!

  • Good that you lost the 3kg, isn't 1000 calories too little? I have less than 2000 calories a day but I gain 1kg weekly's horrible, I think it is because I have a sedentary lifestyle and according to my jawbone my resting calories burned is around 1600, so I would have to eat 1100 to lose weight but I can't see to eat so little. I am 94kg and need to be around 65-70kg to be at a healthy weight

  • What do you typically eat gracie1985?

  • Breakfast - I make a smoothie using Unsweetened almond milk, 1 chocolate flavour Exante Shake, 1 tbsp. of wholenut peanut butter and 1 tsp of chia seeds

    Lunch - I cook from the night before and will be 40g bulgur wheat with salmon (up to 200g fillet) or black bean chicken or bake in the bag chicken. Sometimes swap the bulgur for brown rice.

    Dinner - Roasted veg or more bulgur with chicken or beef

    Snacks usually one of these things- 40g bag of peanuts/300g pineapple/2 finger kitkat/2 scoops low fat ice cream

    Drinks: Sprite zero, water, fresh orange and carrot juice (I make my own on weekend mornings)

    I try to make lunch and cook dinner in the evenings but I eat out maybe twice a week..usually nandos (Espetada and grilled veg with orange juice)

    cinema once a week and I get nachos with cheese and jalapenos - but then I make this a meal and skip lunch

    exercise is none existent :-( been trying to do the 7min workout app at home

  • Let's start with the exercise; give yourself some credit for what you are doing, you'll feel more active as you lose the weight.

    Similarly, you're making some good choices such as the bulgur wheat; is that the cooked weight?

    Watch the fruit juice; even home-made it's as much sugar as the equivalent volume of sugary pop.

    A portion of fruit is 80g. Your pineapple for example is a huge portion, and full of sugar.

    Your salmon portion is also generous. Don't get me wrong, natural protein at each meal will help satiate your appetite, but you can have too much of a good thing, and too much protein can easily be turned to glucose, with nasty side products such as ammonia that your body then has to deal with.

    Things like nachos will bump up your insulin levels and counter the good things you are doing.

  • Thanks for the reply, what kind of things do you eat? 40g is the dry weight- i think a portion of salmon is around 140g but i cant imagine ever being full when I see the results of measured portion sizes. Same with the pineapple.. I tried 100g and it was like 4 cubes. Juice i am trying to change to celery with carrot and 1 orange hoping i can taste the orange but bulk it up with celery and carrot for less sugar.

    Exercise is quite hard here, the average price of a gym is £180/month and it's too hot/humid to walk. Luckily I dont mind the 7 min app, it seems quite exhausting doing even 30 seconds of jumping jacks

  • Here is a sample meal plan:


    Soft Cheese

    2 Eggs any style

    2 Serving spoons vegetable casserole.


    Cheese or nuts

    1 small barely-ripe banana or 5 (preservative-free) dried-apricots

    3 oatcakes or quinoa (90g cooked weight).


    1 medium sweet potato or 1 cob sweetcorn or chickpeas (100g cooked weight).

    non-starchy roast vegetables or stir-fry greens

    palm-size meat or fish or seafood or poultry or game

    whipped double-cream and/or coconut.

    Adjust unspecified portion sizes to facilitate individual weight-management requirements.

    27g of bulgur makes 100g/half a cup when boiled, which is only 20g carbohydrate, so if your 40g along with above ground veggies is your only carb of the meal, then that's okay.

    When you're ready to do more, brisk walking for instance is free.

    Above all, enjoy any changes so you'll want to keep them.

  • The 1000kcal was to make up for the pringles, otherwise I never would have lost the 3kg this week. I do my version of 5:2 usually, but use 1400kcal and 500kcal for my 2days but I am flexible, and its alright if I didnt use up my calorie for the day or exceed by a 100 for another. But for overtime I exceed means I try to cut down a bit the next day. For your meals, Concerned has done what I would have done with you. Sometimes try a glass of water before a meal, it reduces what quantity of food you need to eat. If you can make some of the changes you two have talked about below, might help. Cheering for you, all the best!

  • I must recommend Marks & Spencers low cals popcorn they do a great salt and sweet one which is good when you fancy extra but only 79 cals.

  • Might those 79 kcals raise your appetite to eat more?

  • Didn't notice that they did however I don't buy anything like that now. Although finding it so hard to lose weight - I'm 62 walk daily over 10000 steps except at weekends.

  • Thanks for the update. It's so motivational to be reminded constantly that we can all do it. Keep up the reminders for us all.

  • I will be sure to Dolly, goodluck with your weightloss programme!

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