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can anyone recommend any scales?

I'm thinking of buying some new scales as the ones I have don't seem very accurate. I'm wondering whether its worth getting some of the ones that tell you how much fat, water, etc you have or if they are a waste of time.

Weight watchers precision scales look good but are around £40 which seems a lot as others are a lot cheaper. What do other members use?

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I have just ordered a set of Weight watchers scales from very.co.UK. This website has a range of Weight watchers scales that are currently on sale. I paid £19 for mine.


Thanks, I'll have a look at their website.

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my scales are weight watchers too and im with weight watchers its a fab plan.


I bought a fancy set and to be truthful I only use them to be weighed.I do have them on a piece of hard board as many years a go was told a firm surface gives a more consistent wgt than a carpet.



Go for the weight watchers scales!



I can use my GP's scales also had the height built in where is shows the BMI


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