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So hungry

So I've just finished day 3 of the 12 week NHS plan. The first two days were fine and I didn't find it too difficult to stick to 1400 calories. But today has been a battle. I've just felt hungry All day. I've managed to still be restrained and have not gone over my allowance but I am literally lying here staring at takeaway menus. I'm just so hungry. I've tried drinking lots of water but I'm just so so hungry. What do I do?

I also have my annual medical at work tomorrow and I'm Dreading the conversation about the amount of weight I have gained in the past year which will not only come up when he weighs me but also when makes me get on the treadmill.

Grrr feel rubbish but most of all hungry!

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It is hard but have you look at what you are eating? Meaning : food with fibre and food that will keep you full longer? I know that when I eat a salad, I am still hungry but if I eat chick peas I am full for a while. A big serve of cauliflower rice is filling, or coucous. On the other hand, have handy snacks already made, like carrots sticks, celery sticks. Have a cup of herbal tea (no sugar). Have a good filling breakfast. You will eventually get use to it, you will be fine.


We all have days like that. Just keep going. I find having protein helps with the hunger pains. Egg white omelette or protein shake may help. you will see today will be better


This is a bit late to save you last night but next time I find that if I want to keep eating in the evening I either have a cup of decaf tea or even better a hot shower or bath and when I get out I don't feel like eating anymore.


Hi So Hungry, a cup of milky decaff coffee, an orange, cup of soup, these things sometimes help me if I feel hungry and it's not meal time.


Thank you all. All of your advice is really appreciated. I managed not to give way until breakfast time and so that's something! Ate a bit more at breakfast than I intended as was just so hungry. But i figure I can adjust my calories for the rest of the day.

Thank you all again x


Please see my reply here



Hi, I have days when I could eat all day. It seems to make little difference depending on what I eat. It is so frustrating but sadly you may just simply have to wait it out. I got through my earlier days with lots of low cal snacks - weightwatchers mini rolls, sugar free jelly, fruit - fresh and tinned & fat free yoghurts. Some nights I would have all 3 but still only worked out to be about 150 cals.

Hopefully you will manage to get through it and you will be glad you did. I am so pleased that I can now go all evening (sometimes:)) without needing a snack!

Good luck!


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