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Skinny Pills Culture -The false Bio Medical Fix!

I am becoming more and more concerned with the Skinny Pill culture. more and more I am hearing of skinny pills that rapidly reduce weight in weeks, and yet there is little conclusive evidence for the claims made by some.

We live in a Bio-medical culture. Bio medical is a term used in health and social care for an approach of medical science towards healthcare. In short, I get sick - I go to the doctor - I get a pill or two - I get well! That is the bio- medical approach in a nutshell. We are taking that approach to weight and fitness too! But it does not work like that. It takes the social model. We eat and drink well and exercise regularly. If we need a GP's advice, we take it and see if we can boost the scientificly proved approaches with more social model approaches. We exercise and take vitamins etc from trusted suppliers like Holland and barratt, or Boots. And we do all this with the GP's knowledge. Taking personal responsibility for ones health.

The problem with weight loss is that people are often taking solely the bio-Medical model without the work that does com in to the Socail medel. And wanting a quick fix.. A quick fix would not reduce weight!. To lose weight, especially quicklyneeds attention to diet AND exercise! there is no way around that's! You can get pills that help but they do not reduce like a martial art?trh.

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I think a huge part of the problem is that companies make billions out of telling people exactly that, that a pill will make them thin and they don't need to do anything else.

We all want to believe there's a quick fix, an easy way, because it certainly wasn't difficult getting to where we are so why is it so difficult to get back?

There needs to be rules and regulations for the diet and weight loss industry or people are never going to get out of this mindset.

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exercise is great for fitness, lousy for losing weight. a three mile run 3 times a week (1000 kcal) is around 4 ounces per week.


I agree rmnsuk, however, exercise for me (like running) has made me slimmer and has reshape my body. It has given me something else to focus on, given me confidence and my legs are firmer and in better shape. The fat has gone from them.


There is no need to go on a "diet" to loose weight. "Diets" are just a temporary fix and repeat business for "health" manufacturers or companies.

There is just a need to change bad habits and eat healthy. People used to be slimmer in the past. They were not force fed addictive sugar without their knowledge. they were more active.

A healthy "diet" in a broad sense and getting off the couch is what is needed. We just have to learn this. I did and it works.

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my connection was playing up so this got posted slightly incorrect. yes there are those who simply want a pill to fix everything. they want to drop a dress size in a month, or they want to be wearing a bikini for July, so they want a tablet or they diet for a week and they are not slimmer. they want instant results and are looking to medical science to give them that. I have had a massive weight loss this last year (Putting some of it back on now) but part of it is that I am fitter and stronger. muscle weighs more than fat so part of my weight it is muscle. But I spent a good ten years plus putting too much beer and low fat, cheap and poor quality food into my body. that can't go over night!

But I got a lesson taught to me in my first few weeks of my lifestyle change. I had just started running/plodding 4km twice a week after 3 weeks of trying. I lost maybe 2 or 3kg in that month in total. but I crouched to tie up my shoe laces and... I could breath while doing so. for two years or more I could not have done that. I was out of breath.. but now I still did not consider I looked good in a swim suit but I could tie up my laces and breath.

Was this solely exercise and diet? no I used supplements too, but used all together, not relying on one alone. Believe it or not, Aloe Vera proved invaluable. I gave my inners a good detox and clean so that I digested food correctly. I boosted my vitamin intake and proteins. But I did regular exercise too and have continued to target a 5-6 km run or cycle ride 3 -5 times a week. it is not about how one looks but how one feels! it was only last month I noticed my trousers were loose. But it is discipline and getting the pills, for which there is little medical evidence fro their success, to work with you as part of a complete lifestyle change package, taking on yourself your responsibility to look after your body and not put crap into it and tone it up as best you can.

Sorry but it takes commitment and determination to succeed, especially when you lose 5kg one month and put on 2kg the next. You've just got to keep at it and a Dr's pill can't give you that!


You're right. If we didn't ingest junk in the first place we wouldn't have the problem.

Diet is what you eat anyway. It doesn't imply reducing or calorie controlled or anything like that. If we ate what was healthy and balanced we wouldn't have the problem in the first place. Sadly old habits die hard.

I'd like to say if it were really that simple someone would have made a fortune selling the secret. Instead many fortunes have been made telling lies.

Exercise is necessary to keeping in good tone and strength, and the rest is like a balance sheet, income must equal or be less than expenditure.


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