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The end of week one!

So after my first week of dieting I have successfully lost 0.9 kg taking me to 69.1kg! I'm very happy with that and all week I haven't broken the diet and have found it easy. HOWEVER! Today I had a job interview (stress) then I went to bristol to meet my boyfriend and got on the wrong train (more stress) and then I left my phone in a tesco express somewhere in Bristol (mega stress)!!!!! So all the stress of today combined with super cravings for unhealthy food due to it being that time of the month has led to the diet being broken :( I was doing so well! But we all need a rest on day seven and after the day I had that Burger King and banoffee pie really hit the spot! The diet continues tomorrow... With no excuses!

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Sounds like you had a helluva day so don't beat yourself up over your Burger King and banoffee pie.

Just start fresh tomorrow!


Thanks Joyce29 needed to hear that!


Brilliant weight loss! If only I could get into the mindset that one slip up doesn't mean you give up altogether!


Well done on your weight loss. Forget about your disaster day and get back to following your plan tomorrow. The only trouble is I am now going to go to bed and dream about banoffee pie!


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