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Started week 1 on Monday

Hi everyone,

I started following this plan on Monday, I am 57, 5ft 4 and weighed in on Monday morning at 14stone 3lbs. I would like to be around 10 stone, which is at the top of the healthy weight range for my height so I have set myself a target weight loss of 61lbs which will take me just under the 10 stone mark to 9stone 12 but because this is quite a daunting task I have set myself an initial interim target of losing 10lbs, which is 5% of my body weight, and then my next mini target will be 20lbs, which is 10%. I'm hoping in this way I will be more encouraged to keep going and will be able to celebrate achieving these mini targets along the way. I haven't set myself any time scale although I would like to lose at least 3stone by next April as I am going to Florida on a big family holiday. In October 2011 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I underwent 9 weeks of weekly chemotherapy followed by major surgery and then a further 9 weeks of weekly chemotherapy and my cancer has returned twice since then and I only completed my third course of chemotherapy 4 weeks ago. I was suffering from extreme fatigue but only found out last week that this was probably due to the fact that my magnesium levels had dropped to dangerously low levels and I was rushed back into hospital last Thursday for a magnesium infusion, since when I have felt great and keen to get started on this weight loss and fitness programme! I have been told that my cancer is incurable but I am an optimist and I am sure that it does return I'll be better equipped to fight it if I'm fitter and healthier. Being fitter and healthier is also going to make the rest of my life, when I'm not fighting the little c more enjoyable too! I have been told not to lose weight while I'm having chemotherapy as any weight changes would effect the dosage of the chemicals but I'm not on it now so I'm raring to go and I can stop it returning for a very, very long time (forever would be good).

I've been reading the posts on here and love the support people give and get which is why I decided to make this post. I think everyone here is in the same boat and understands what everyone else is going through and I feel it's really important to have that support and understanding to encourage when things are not going so well and congratulate when they are and also just to offer advice.

I've got a long journey ahead of me but at least I've made a start and I hope to make many more posts on here. I have decided to only weigh myself once a week because I am aware of day to day fluctuations but this week I am back in hospital on Thursday for some follow up checks which will include weighing so this week I won't be able to help it but I'll post my weight next Monday so everyone can see how I'm doing. Good luck to everybody else an I look forward to being encouraged by your successes!

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Im very sorry to hear about your cancer, you've had a rough time and the chemo , but how great that you are being positive and want to tackle your weight....with a lovely Florida holiday as your incentive.

I am 62 and am now at your target weight ( 9st 12 ) . But I had been overweight for 25years and a year ago I was 12 stone. Defnitely not a keen exerciser, cant/wont run, but I can walk. I started by walking to the local shops,20 mins, and now I can do a 6-7 mile walk With ease. Most important thing for me was to calculate portion size and count calories daily. Try to keep to an AVERAGE over a week. cuz there will be much higher days as well , just accept that , and cut down on other days.

Slowly but surely the pounds will come off, some weeks 1-2 lbs, , some nothing at all, sometimes a gain. But in your mind, be prepared for that.

This is a new way of life , long term, not "a diet", and gradually you'll find that you want to eat less and move more. Good luck, if I can do it then anyone can.


Thank you elliebath for your lovely, and encouraging reply and well done on your own weight loss. I totally agree with you, I don't want a diet, I want a life change and although I feel I do in general eat healthily I think it is the portion sizes which are my downfall. I'm focusing on this and I hope I will eventually get to the point where I do naturally eat smaller portions without even having to think about it (it might take a while but I'll get there!) I'm ok with the cancer, it's an inconvenience but many people have been and still are much worse off than me. I've never ever been sick from the chemo and the only real side effect I've had is the extreme fatigue but that's manageable. I don't want to use it as an excuse, I'm not on chemo now so I should be fine. Your own story is really encouraging. I don't want to run either but can walk. I did a short walk on Monday and again on Tuesday and today I'm about to walk to and around the park and back feeding the ducks on the lake while I'm there. Walking and watching portion sizes certainly seems to have done the trick for you and hopefully it will for me too!

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That's great. I look forward to your progress report !


Sorry to hear about your health issues. Like you I have a major health problem, I have found that taking control of a weight loss programme feels like the one area of my health that I can be in charge of at the moment.

Take a look at the NHS 12 week weight loss programme, I've found it really suits me. Use the BMI calculator to find out what your recommended daily calorie intake should be.I would set yourself small obtainable goals so that you don't get discouraged.

I wish you well. Good luck with your hospital visit.


Thank you very much linggirl for your reply, your advice and your best wishes and good luck to you with your weight loss.


Hi weasley1910, I've just read this, looking back to your previous posts. Your story sounds similar to a friend of mine who's also determined to reduce the number of future cancer-related hospital appointments/chemo courses through managing her diet as well as she can. I have a health issue of my own that I'm also hoping to manage better through diet, mainly IBS/possible endometriosis. I really believe it's at least possible to delay things, if not cure them, through taking control of our own health, diet, exercise etc. It also feels very empowering. I'm also 5ft4 like you, but am aiming for 10st7, which is above the 'healthy' range for my height, but I know that historically that's been a healthy weight for me, and that I fitted size 10 and 12 clothes when I was last that weight. Our bodies are all different of course. I may find that when I reach 10st7 I don't have the slim figure I used to have, and may have to aim for 9 something like you are doing, but I'll take it as it comes!


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