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Day two - oops!

So, after yesterday's blues I eventually managed to find a swimming pool and went for a long gentle swim.

Today, however, I wasn't so good. started off with my usual - two weetabix - although this tim I have changed from semi-skimmed to skimmed milk to reduce the calories even further. I had noticed the cakes on the side at work, but managed to avoid them. On Friday I had had a rare "count-free" day, as my friend and colleague was having her leaving do bbq before starting maternity leave, and te cake was left over from that. On Friday, although I didn't count calories, I DID stick to healthIER options. e.g. having one burger, no sausages, no chicken, no kebab. I had the salad, the cous cous, the low-fat humous on celery and a small amount of the potato salad. I also had a small piece of the cake.

Today, that same cake that I was so restrained with on Friday, my "non counting special", was my downfall. I had my Weetabix, and then I saw two of my colleagues walk right past my desk with huge slabs of THAT cake. I lasted 13 minutes. I timed it.

I didn't exactly stuff it all in my face in some kind of cake-based mental breakdown, but it came pretty close.

All in all, I reckon that today is probably not going to count as one of my better days, however, I'm going to carry on with my calorie restricted dinner and tomorrow I will try again.

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It's ok Hun, we all fall now and then just remember that tomorrow is another day and put it down to experience.

Anyway having a treat now and then helps us keep sane, and it's easier to slip up if we deny foods,

Hope everything goes well for you now, and keep us updated x


This might help: don't deny yourself any particular food. You'll just end up feeling deprived and then binging. I have cake, biscuits or chocolate several times a week, just a very moderate amount of one thing each day. I have never felt deprived, it's more like I feel treated when I actually do have those things. Sort of reverse psychology.

And it sounds like your approach at the barbecue was really useful, just right. So well done!

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If you can , still record those "cake days" and similar .... dont hide them from yoursef , keep them recorded even if that day is 2000 plus calories. Its quite normal for all of us to have days like that, or weekends, even a week. But the most important part is recognising it, having more of the sensible eating days longer term, and realising that you can still get back in control. A few days binge doesnt ruin everything, it just slows down a bit. If you use an app like myfitnesspal you can keep a daily calorie diary, and follow your calorie progress on a weekly, monthly, quaterly graph. Its the average calories over each week that count, not by the hour or day. Keep at it. I did this for 9 months, had umpteen parties and holidays, but still lost all my excess weight, 30lbs, I am now maintaining , but I still record most days on mfp. Good luck.


Thanks again for the support and wise words guys! I had an epiphany today and am officially back on the wagon and heading for Slimsville (can't believe I just said that...)

I have recorded everything on MyFitnessPal despite my slight derailment (that lasted until about half way through this morning!) and will keep ploughing on!!

Hearing that other people have been here, suffered through the ups and downs and still succeeded (30lbs!?! Give yourself a pat on the back for that one!!!) reassures me that this IS possible and I CAN do it!!


Well done at the BBQ! Making those changes you can live with like skimmed milk is great too.

I am afraid eating out for me is a great excuse to eat like the others, so not part of my life plan.


BTW. I stuffed myself with cake yesterday too!


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