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Thoughtful eating

Have you ever eat something "bad" for you so fast you can't recall what it was even like? And therefore have an other one. Or eat it fast becuase of guilt then give up.

You eaten dinner/ food infront of the television/ or doing something else. Basically if eating doesn't have all your attention you don't notice it and eat more.

You are not alone, a lot of people on "diets" or eating an healthy lifestyle do this, some even completely ban chocolate. if you can do it that's brilliant but to some people in the early stages chocolate is still a massive craving.

Thoughtful eating with food:

Smaller plates. Studies have been done with people eating the same amount of good but people eating with the smaller plates actually felt fuller and even had some left overs. Where as the bigger plates with the same amount of food didn't make them feel as satisfied.

It is psychological.

Thoughtful eating with temptation:

I've always been told that a good and healthy lifestyle is 80:20. 80% good. 20% bad.

There is nothing wrong with eating the odd sweet thing. Infact having one can prevent some people from completely giving up on eating better for them.

If you decide you want to then do. Either you want to treat yourself or cravings are bad and nothing else satisfies you. Eat thoughtfully.

Look at it. Sounds daft but a lot of people don't take the time to even see what it is, some people hide it and secretly eat it, DONT!. Look it at, what is it? Is it pretty. Different colours or shapes.

Feel it. Is it hard? Soft? Spongy? did some just break away in your hand.

Smell it. Hardly anyway uses there sense of smell when eating. I personally think the sense of smell is very important.

Eat it. Now calm down. Don't rush. You can take parts away feel them in your fingers and then eat that. Or slowly lick/ nibble what ever it is your are eating.

I know it sounds insane. I have done it with a cupcake and OMG! Still today nothing beats it.

Let me know what you think? And maybe one day if you have an craving you can try for yourself ;) x

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Thank you for this, I have come on here this afternoon feeling a little wobbly... this has made me feel a bit better.

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I'm glad I could help you. How are you feeling today? :)


Hi Kahlan, I am feeling quite tired after a full day of walking around the Suffolk show. The car was parked at the back of a neighbouring field and we went to a pub afterwards that had a live jazz band, my little one wanted to dance and there was a field next to the pub with a strip for cricket and ran up and down that with my little one too. we did have some treats, that were freebies. I made a healthy picnic with three different fruits and we stayed away from ice cream vans.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Which week are you on? My hormones also seem to be affected by my weight and this is stopping us from having a number two. I can see how you feel.


Hello Mrs Booboo. I'm new, starting from the beginning. I was weight today at doctors.

Your photo, are they your actual cats? They are adorable if so :) xox


It's always a good idea to really take notice of what you're eating, the texture, smell etc. It's also important to sit at the table when you eat a meal, no television to distract you, take time to notice how the food tastes and eat slowly, think about the food. It's a habit I'm still working at but it is a very valid point I think.


I used to eat chocolate biscuits straight from the cupboard...kinda behind the door, and too quickly for my husband to notice.


I'm on the 10.5 stone mark but at only 5ft 2 I want to lose a stone. Was a terrible chocaholic, I would buy 3 bars out the vending machine at work and gobble them up so fast, and all round binge eater. I suffer, asthma, emphysema and high bp so used this as an excuse to go to work and go home and straight to bed. I am now actually trying to be healthy in my eating. Used to take 3 sugars in my tea, cut down to 1, 2 if I like and am not going to beat myself up about that. Have for the most part cut out chocolate but do eat it occasionally. I am doing couch to 5k and my health is so much better now. Don't know what I weigh but am going my hols in Sept and want to feel good and like how I look. My hubby loves me of course no matter what, this is purely for my health and so I like what I see. Being a size 12-14 is not big but as I said I'm on the road to being an all round healthier person. I also have a much smaller plate of food than my family at dinner time and always have a plain old egg salad at lunch with fruit. It's great, my energy is higher than it's been for years!!!

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Yes :( I did that years ago.. ate a fairy cake and could not remember actually tasting any of it. It didn't touch the sides as they say.

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Oh, yes - the ghastly gulp! A bit like a goose being force-fed grain on a foie gras farm. Sorry about the image... :(


Haha!! Poor wee geese but very true......


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