Week 5. Wow

Week 5 just got off the scales and it shows a 4 pound weight loss . Yesterday the same scales said I had put 2 and half on I couldn't understand why as I Had been sticking to the diet apart from one day I went over my calories a bit But it wasn't enough to warrant I weight gain . I am pleased I didn't give up I nearly did but got lots of support from lots of lovely people kept me on track thank you think I will invest in new scales .


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10 Replies

  • Hi Lynn62, the dreaded scales can make or break our day. Don,t let them win, they are the devil,s work. LOL 😈

  • Well done on your weight loss :) I've found my weight fluctuates from day to day so only weigh once a week every Monday, first thing in morning after going to the bathroom. Good luck, and keep trying.

  • Yes I usually only get weighed Tuesday morning I won't do that again. I have just been on the wii plus and did the body test I needed to know iff I had lost or put on and yes I have lost the 4pounds so I have now lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks .

  • That's a great weight loss !!

  • Very well done on the weightloss. At least you were able to doublecheck with your wii and find it was correct. It's best to only weigh weekly but I'm terrible for doing a midweek...and more checks.

  • Try not to weigh more than once a week, easier said than done I know as I used to be addicted to leaping on at least twice a day every day, but our weight fluctuates all the time due to different factors, did we have more salt, less fluid, extra fruit, piece of cake and so on. Well done on such a great loss!

  • I have to weigh myself in my kitchen, because it is the only room in my flat with a level floor! I kept getting higher results when I weighed myself in the bathroom and was getting really confused. It took me an astonishing amount of time to remember that the floor wasn't flat!

  • Oh yes, the oh I lost 1lb here but 3 lbs in the kitchen! Aha I remember doing that lol

  • Lynn62 The comment about flat floors is spot on. I can gain or lose upto 5 lbs by moving the osition of the scales. Now I keep them on a rigid flat board and get consistent results.

  • Hi yes I always get weighed in my bathroom Tuesday morning and the floor is tiled

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