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First weigh in at the end of week 1

Well I've lost 2.5lb and my waist measurement is the same. I had hoped for a better loss but I've had a really busy week at work so I didn't stick to it completely. We also had a meal out for my son's birthday, so am happy with the loss & ready to start week 2. It's helped being able to read about everyone's journeys on here 😀

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That is a great start .Well done.


Hi BecT, a 2.5 lb loss in one week is great. 1 - 2 lb is average, so you are on track.

I have only just started measuring myself but decided to do it only once a month. I have measured the usual areas but noticed that my forearms and feet are slimmer - obviously not measured these. I have a good even (sigh) coverage of fat so I guess sometimes it will come off other places - I really want it off my butt, legs and tummy but hey-ho, a loss is a loss.

Good luck for next week:)


Thank you for your encouragement, I'm looking forward to having a waist again;)


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