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back on the "horse" after two weeks of eating/drinking/generally enjoying myself

When I started my weight loss journey on 2nd March I wrote that I was not going to call it a diet I was going to view it as a way of revising my eating, drinking and exercising habits for a healthier life.

By and large I have done so but the last three weeks have been a succession of social events and a trip to see my Son (friend's 50th birthday party; friend's son's 1st Communion; friend's son's Graduation then trip to spoil Son for his birthday).

So today weighing in properly for the first time since 3rd May - some 3 weeks ago - and have put on 5lbs in 3 weeks, which in the scheme of things isn't too bad and a lot less than I anticipated.

So the question is do I restart from week 1 and start the whole 12 week cycle again or just pick up where I was - which would mean I'm now on week 10? I suppose it doesn't really matter so long as I get back to writing down what goes down the old throat!

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Hi munstermaid, I am not following the 12 week plan as yet but I would say just get back to one way or another. 5 lb gained over 3 weeks should come off fairly quickly and you can get back on track.

I am doing the same as you, changing lifestyle rather than dieting but even on days I decide to be a bit less strict with myself I find that the gradual changes I have made are sticking - at last! It has taken several months for me to get to this stage though and I hope I can stay this way.

Good luck back on the horse!




I agree with sueper that as long as you get back on the horse it doesn't matter so much whether you call it week 1 or week 10 :-)

That said, you could see this as a fresh beginning and perhaps you want to see a bigger total weight loss at the end of 12 weeks than you will if you only allow yourself another 2 weeks on the 12 week plan. You will probably shift the 5lbs but that will then look as though you haven't lost anything in 12 weeks...

On the other hand you could see this as a continuation of your life change and come back in at week 10, having changed some habits and learned something along the way. I think that would be my preference if it were me cos this isn't only for 12 weeks, it's for life. There will always be some celebration, occasion, excuse/ reason to eat and drink and I don't think it would be helpful to feel as though you have to start from the beginning each time....

If you do really want to lose weight and not just maintain your current weight then maybe you could consider your approach to these special occasions e.g might there be lighter options re food and drink?

Welcome back and good luck getting rid of that 5lbs! :-)

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thanks - think I will call this week 10 - and carry on. Hopefully getting back to sensible and measured portions will help shift a good amount this week -also I've packed the gym back in car so can call after work.

Feeling optimistic!


It doesn't matter where you start. Just go back to healthy eating and keep a check on what you're eating. Everything is sure to fall off again quite quickly. Good luck x


Thanks 👍


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