Confused about daily calorie intake

According to the 12 week plan I should be eating 1400 calories a day, however this seems low as I'm 5ft 11in, 20st 11lb and a BMI of 41.9. I fit between moderately active and inactive - 2 x 30 min dog walks a day plus a lot of sitting (plus enough household chores to keep things ticking over, but I'm not exactly houseproud xD), I have a stiff/sore ankle with recurring problems so can't be on it for long periods, but could do more than I'm doing now.

If I start on 1400 cals now, is it enough and do I then stay on it until I've lost all the weight? Looking at the long haul on this, would like half a stone a month but not being obsessive and with around 9 stone to lose. I'm 55 and don't want to be where I am in another 5 years, overweight has sapped my confidence plus all the other negatives that others suffer/have suffered.

What do other people do with this kind of weight loss ahead of them? Eat higher now and slowly decrease over time or just go straight in at 1400 and stick with it until the end?


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  • Hi, I started out nearly 4 stone heavier than you and haven't yet really started counting calories, just becoming calorie aware. I have managed to lose 2 stone just by cutting down and walking. Although I do have 2 days a week where I try to eat about 1000 - 1100 a bit like my version of the 5:2

    I am taking my weightloss in stages, knowing at some stage that I will have to count calories properly.

    If you search online you should be able to find out roughly how many calories per day you need to for maintenance, weightloss or extreme weightloss. For me about 1500 a day is for extreme weightloss.

    For me I am working on a lifestyle change and have gradually made changes which hopefully will last forever. Mainly for me it is the evening snacking and I have finally (after about 3 months) pretty much cracked it.

    Remember, if you have a lot to lose it will be a long journey so you need to take it at a pace that you can sustain long term.

    Good luck!

  • Ah... that makes sense, just saw your reply before I went out to do the food shop for next week, so I've concentrated on buying healthy food with plenty of fruit and veg, and none of those "little extras" that creep in.

    This week I'll focus on making sensible choices without getting too hung up on the numbers, I'll try and keep a note of calorie intake but without actual number setting, then a bit further down the line I can see what works and what doesn't rather than going into it at top speed and falling at the first hurdle.

  • Hey i started at 19st and have eaten 1400cals per day for the last 6 months and have lost just over 4st. But i know ive read other people that have decreased as they got fitter or not counted at all. Its all about finding what works for you. I find my varying my daily amount stops my body getting to used to it. Take it one day at a time and use trial and error to find what works best for you. All the best

  • I'm going to start off eating sensibly, watching snacks and staying right away from sugar as its totally my addiction - I need to start listening to my body properly and not just the cravings I think I have, thanks for the reply :)

  • Search "effects of sugar".

    If you read one article a day it may cure your addiction rapidly.

    It works for me.

  • I'm already a "no sugar" convert, don't like how it makes me feel or the craving that it sets up, there is no "just one" for me ever unless we're talking just one packet, just one whole cake, just one...

  • Same here. I just got home from a birthday party where there there were cakes, cakes or scones piled with jam and cream.

    I must be the rudest guest ever, when I saw it I told her to do that search!

    Not sure that I will be invited next year?

    I lost count after the third cake. AGH!

  • Hi . I just used the BMI calculator on the NHS website.It suggests that your calorie intake should be between 2444 - 3142 (I had to guess if you were male or female). The lower end of the range should see you lose weight. Good luck.

  • Thanks for that!

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