Even if the scales don't show a lose in the morning, my waist line is shrinking. Yippee!!

Today I went to the Great British Food Festival - loads of tempting treats but I resisted and simple savoured the smells, whilst thoroughly enjoyed a bowl of veggie Thai green curry. This is the end of a fab week - I've amazed myself by completing 10,000 steps everyday including 3 wk4 C25k runs and only having one alcoholic drink whilst eating out last night - with calories to spare. Roll on week 6 and weigh-in tomorrow.


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9 Replies

  • Wow! Talk about putting temptation in the way. You must have tremendous self control. Well done on a fabby week.

  • Thanks - I amazed myself. Hope you have a good week too!

  • Sounds like a fun and positive week! Good for you. I started relying less on the scales for victories around week 6-10 as the changes in my body were victories too. Good luck for your weigh in tomorrow im sure you have done well. Have a good week ahead

  • All about the non scale victories, I totally agree.....my weight has plateaued yet I've dropped another dress size, and look smaller!

    Let's all keep on doing what we're doing!

  • Well done to you - I just feel so much better and more confident never mine what the scales say!!!!

  • Well done, it's such a great feeling when you can see the changes in your body shape.

  • you are very strong! I don't think I would be able to resist! well done!

  • I had a wake up call after a health check and was told my blood pressure was high and that losing weight could reduce it - I don't want any more tablets on a daily basis for the rest of my life, so something had to change.

    Having a strong reason to change has helped enormously and I'm loving planning and preparing a wider variety of foods. It does help being wheat intolerant as I'm used to having to refuse cakes, pies and bread - a square of dark chocolate is my special treat.

  • I ''just'' don't like myself, and I need change. I suffer from IBS, so should be careful with food, but I got lazy and got extra 33kg, gradually, within 11 years. I don't even dream about getting that weight back, but need to sort myself out, before I get to the point of no return. I keep my fingers crossed for you, I hope your health will improve shortly and you will be able to enjoy the change in your life! x

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