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Losing weight

Hey Guy! I have start dieting to lose weight as I have been overweight and I was having a poor eating habits (skipping meal, take aways etc) , I was gaining weight and felt horrible. One day I decided that I didn't want to feel like that anymore and start dieting, I have a personal nutrition adviser. I have started to detox myself on fruits and veg and plenty of water which will last for 3 days, I'm on my 2nd day and I feel better already. Now I log into MFP app and that is really encouraging me to keep strong and being healthy, as it's not easy!!! Big challange for me today at work....I stayed off the chocolates which I love!! But I did it :).

Have a good weekend

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Well done you! The decision is the first thing and remember how you feel today. Keep the memory tight and you'll never look back.

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