2 Stone off - making good progress

So I have managed to lose 2 stone as of today:) Very pleased, turning into a right loser! I am now 10 lb from my next mini target and just under half way to my first major target. I seem to be maintaining an average of 2 lb per week - slow and steady:)

Hope everyone else is having a good week.


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  • That is super. Well done.

  • Thanks:)

  • Thanks. Yes it is gonna be a long haul, at this rate I still have well over a year to go.

  • Well done thats great! Keep up the good work :-)

  • Thanks:)

  • That is brilliant sueper! Almost 30lbs. WOW! x

  • Thanks:)

  • Well done πŸ˜€

  • Thanks:)

  • Well done! Doing so well must give a real boost to your confidence and motivation. Do you plan some sort of reward or treat for yourself when you reach your targets?

  • Hi, I put a pound in a money box every time I lose one. I have loads to lose so planning on getting a nice leather jacket with my savings (loss). So that is my reward for my main target.

    I was given a Lindt chocolate bunny for Easter and was going to eat it when I reached 2 stone but now I don't feel able to. It is quite a large one! I am sure eventually it will be devoured!

  • Well done Sueper, you should have dropped a dress size as well! This is the way to your new healthy eating life.

  • Thanks Ros. I am one of those people where the weight is nicely (!) spread all over, so not sure I have properly lost a dress size yet. My arms are thinner and so are my feet! Last years summer shoes are getting a bit too loose! It is amazing where the fat appears!

  • Good job!

  • Thanks:)

  • You are doing well. Fantastic

  • Thanks:)

  • well done 2 stone is great- I'd like to write I've lost 7lb but just can't seem to get there even!!

  • Thanks. It is slow progress but progress all the same. Hopefully you will have some good news to report soon:)

  • Wow sueper, excellent result. What a great feeling it is to lose 2 stone. You must be sooo..proud. You are doing great. Keep going and you will reach your next target...super dooper job :-)

  • Thanks:)

  • Great news it must feel so good continue to enjoy.


  • Thanks:)

  • Well Done - that's great :-)

  • Thanks Hannah, slowly but surely:)

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