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Hello everyone... I've just started a facebook group for anyone who wants support with emotional eating.

It's really for anyone who struggles to make friends with food.

I've found over the years that emotional eating comes in many guises.. for example

Stuffing down sadness

Addiction to sugary foods

Negative self image

Beating ourselves up

"Banning food" then wanting it

Binge eating and regretting it

The group is meant to be supportive for just this issue alone!


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Hi I can relate to all of the above.Evenings are my worst time.I just eat for the sake of it.Just been away for a few days and gained 4 pounds.I only want to lose a stone but am so silly can't even manage that .


Rosie hi. Join the new group and get some support when you're snacking!😌


That's a great idea! My hubby just doesn't understand why I emotionally eat which makes hide me it from him. He would be horrified if he knew how much I ate sometimes. I am!


Yep...i hide it too. Reminds me of an alcoholic hiding the booze! I created the group today...it'll be a slow start but do join and let's get the word out there! You know sometimes just sharing and laughing can really help.


SO know what you mean eeek1110


I can relate to all comments written on here and it is frustrating to have to admit that such problems do cause us to overeat/drink when things are upsetting us. Wish I was one of those people that stopped eating when things get bad/bored etc!!!


Join the brand new group! I've just been on and off the scales...shuffling them round the bathroom this morning!


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