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Barbeque fear

I am going to a friends barbeque Saturday afternoon/evening and I am already dreading it - burgers, sausages and bread rolls not to mention the booze!

Any ideas how I can cope without being a food nazi "no-one eat these sausages they're mine, they're low fat" then feel awkward, have some wine and then eat like food will stop existing on Sunday?


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Hi Redjenner,

I can understand your fears about BBQ parties, it is always difficult when you don't have control on what food is available. Hopefully there will be choices there that you feel OK to eat.

I have a few suggestions,

1) Make sure you don't arrive really hungry, have a healthy lunch.

2) Offer to help your friend by bring a mixed salad, don't put any dressing on it, this will help both you and your friend.

3) Have one or two well cooked burgers rather then sausages.

4) If have a roll try to have a wholemeal or granery one with no butter, pop some ketchup or brown sauce on it instead.

5) Don't eat anything that's got mayonnaise with it.

And finally have a great time!



Thanks Ros, good tips - especially not going along hungry. Also just thought I could take a Salmon steak in some foil. I'm not a big burger fan anyway. Hmmmm.

I'll report back!



I would recommend eating a snack before you go to stop you over eating. Drink water or low cal drinks but still have a glass of wine or two. Enjoy your evening, make the best food choices you can, and avoid going back for seconds. Hope you have a good weekend


Thanks fibronfedup! Everyone is coming up with different suggestions which is great. Have a great bank holiday weekend.


BBQ are great, they are protein & veg.. I.E meat and salad!! When I go to bbqs I avoid 2 thinks Bread & Beer!! Either eat a little before you go, so as not to eat much there or don't eat much that day so as not to go over your cal count!! But enjoy yourself, what the point of losing weight & becoming a new you, if you can't enjoy a day with friends??? Ps hope the sun comes out xx


:D thanks binksk, the suns not out but I will take your advice and have some fun with friends. Hope you have a great weekend x

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Hi, I went to a barbecue recently and it wasn't as bad as I thought. I just ate the healthy grilled meat skewers marinated without oil, salsas and salads, avoided all carbs like the plague and drank prosecco instead of beer. I find as long as I think about counting everything then I'm OK - and if I go over then i'm extra good the next day.


Thanks clh73, good advice, think I'll take a salad to make sure there is some available without the dressing. p.s prosecco already brought - perhaps it's us creating the shortage this year!


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