Weight Loss NHS


I was feeling fat & bloated after the Easter weekend,7th April 2015, I attend the gym regularly,yet for last 5 years after quitting smoking found it impossible to regulate/shift any weight

I was having chest pains , pins & needles down my left side of chest / left arm.

I am not medically qualified but had gut feeling that something was not quite right.

Called Doctors , got appointment to see GP,GP said it was merely down to lifting too much weight at the gym.

Personally I thought it was down to my weight was around 115 Kilos despite being 182 cm tall & exercising 4-5 times a week

I have always been a picky eater so bought a blender & started having a fruit smoothie for breakfast , banana ,strawberry,blueberry.

Green smoothie for lunch ,Water,Banana,Carrot,frozen Broccoli & Spinach.

Smaller portion dinner , chicken,brown rice & veg

Go on holiday September target weight for holiday is 100 Kilos.

Last weigh in was 14/05/15 I was 108.7 Kilos loss of 6.3 Kilos.

Its hard work but know that I can do it (",)


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