I am a 'trier' !

I'm so pleased, I've been smoke free for 8 days. I'm takings it 1 day at a time, less daunting for me that way. Carrying excess weight causes a myriad of problems but this is the best thing of all I can do for my health and I'm doing it..... I'm looking forward to the benefits of quitting.

Not weight related post, but pleased and wanted to share it here!

Best wishes to everyone, trierisme !


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6 Replies

  • Good for you!! I want to quit smoking but want to get my weight a bit more under control, and not have the stress of moving to deal with as well lol. You will feel so much better, i did when i quit last time, you can do this :)

  • Hello Chicky how are you getting on ???

    Yes well, currently eating more than usual, if it's not nailed down I gobble it up 😄 but it's really 1 day at a time, no one smokes in my house and none of my family or friends so I don't have to deal with that thankfully. Joined stop smoking Wales and go to classes every week and it's really helpful........... How is your weight loss journey going lovey ???

  • Hey one day at a time is always best, the snacking is why i didnt want to diet and quit smoking at the same time, i already struggle with snacking. Weight loss is slowly up at the moment as between working long hours, and organising moving in 2 weeks time and packing getting extra exercise in is difficult but im getting about 20 mins in, in the evenings 3-4 nights this week so could be worse :) Looking forward to hitting my next milestine this week of 60lbs lost :) howz your weight loss going?

  • Good luck with it. I stopped over 20 years ago, hardest but best thing I ever did. You can tackle any weight gain after.

  • It's not just the benefits of quitting smoking you will enjoy but you will avoid the pain in carrying on. Wishing you all the best. :)

  • very well done I no I don't know you but I am proud of you. Keep going hun and those days will turn into months and before you no it years...so good for you x

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